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Looks like the P-5000 power loader from Aliens.


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kcc wrote:image


Size comparison pic vs stock

I'm going to need help naming this thing..
There's a lot going on and I might start a separate thread so I don't clog up this one.
Almost everything is still being tested and is still a work in progress, but it's held up for the last 2 weeks and it's really fun to use!


Looks like the Iron Giant!

I need the leg stand and scale platform stl files ASAP. Those look great! Awesome work.


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What's going on around the piston though?


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That looks like a temperature strip, so I'm guessing it's a preheat chamber of some sort for the piston?


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So I bent my 2+ year old screen yesterday : (
Still works like a champ : )

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OEHandgrinders has replacement screens with the silicon pin and replacement silicon pins. Still haven't managed to bend my original Kickstarter screen pin.

LMWDP # 272


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Yah I have one of those on standby, if this one stops working I'll order another, for safetys sake.

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I think most ppl bend their pins on the second stroke to expel any unused water from the I've dropped that step. At the end of the shot I unhook the portafilter with chamber still full of unused water and I carefully tip it out in the sink. I figure this cuts down wear on the seal by half as well as reduce the chance for a bent pin.


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I always let the arms fall on their own after the shot - I arrest it when the dose hits about 5-8mm below the cut line on a wee Picardy tumbler. My wife always likes to save the aftershot, she often bottles it in a corked San Pellegrino water bottle and drinks it at work : )
PS - she cuts it off before the foam begins