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#3871: Post by ojaw »

Sounds like humidity to me too, do you give it a spin after tamping?
My tamp procedure only uses the weight of the tool itself: Settle the ground coffee with shaking (no wdt), centre tamper in basket, spin, lift tamper, repeat tamp, spin tool, place screen on top.


#3872: Post by K7 »

Although it's gotten definitely warmer lately, (relative?) humidity has been 50-55% in the kitchen all along although I suppose it could deviate quite a bit from that near my coffee station with boiling water. Again, nothing new here. :|

I usually don't spin the tamper. I've tried it a few times for this to no avail, but today I tried it again and it helped after spinning a few more times than before. Maybe that's the trick. I will test it again this afternoon!

[Update] I gave it another go and it (3 turns) worked again! Problem comes and goes so I'm not quite ready to declare it resolved yet, but it's encouraging lol.

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#3873: Post by Nate42 »

In a demonstration of both the versatility of the Robot, and my own stupidity, I just pulled an absurd quadruple ristretto thing. My default double shot in the Robot is 17g. Earlier today I had ground coffee for a shot, then the doorbell rang and I never actually pulled it. Later today, having forgot all about this, I dumped another 17g dose into the basket, and didn't realize what I had done until I looked and saw it was way too full.

A sensible man would have removed half the coffee and pulled two shots, but I was both in a hurry and curious so I I said "what the hell let's do this" and just tried to pull a shot. So I have a 34g dose, with a grind that is dialed in for 17. It took me a minute and a half to pull the shot, and I only got 20g before I ran out of water. I will say though, it LOOKED like slow motion espresso porn. So if you are looking for pretty pictures, absurd overdose may be the way to go. The taste was, not good, but I've had worse. I drank it, and the caffeine will keep me alive. Can't say that I recommend it, but it's a testament to the Robot's versatility that its even sort of possible. So yay I guess?

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#3874: Post by Ken5 »

Besides the grounds on the tamper I see what looks like a yellow film, but I imagine that might just be the lighting.

Would not hurt to wash the tamper and dry it well. Maybe there is a film, or static charge that this might help with? If you leave the tamper on a mat or something else maybe wash that too?

Since the end handle is flat I always store my tamper with the handle on the counter.


#3875: Post by K7 »

It's just the lighting.

I keep the tamper on a paper towel along with the WDT tool and brush. Not sure it's due to moisture or static charge... anyway, I see nothing on the tamper surface (ok, maybe some miniscule amount of ground coffee that I cannot see with the naked eyes), but if I wipe the tamper bottom with another clean paper towel before tamping, the problem goes away even without spinning it a few turns. If I use my palm to wipe it, it doesn't help, needs the spin.


#3876: Post by jpender »

I wonder if there's a tiny little bit of coffee oil on the face of the tamper.

I never clean my tamper but find that a quarter twist after pressing keeps grounds from sticking. I'll have to try cleaning it just out of curiosity but the quarter twist is a lot easier and wired into my muscle memory at this point anyway.

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#3877: Post by Ken5 »

Two questions concerning the gasket.

Every once in a while upon changing directions of the levers, just as I end the shot, and only as I change directions of the levers I hear a very quick shot of air and then a tiny amount of clear water runs down the outside of the portafilter. Otherwise the pressure is solid! So much so that when I press the levers down to empty the basket the handles will push back upwards after the air bubbles start to come out of the basket.

Does this sound like a gasket issue, or just a lube issue?

If a lube issue, do you guys put a thin coating on the whole gasket or just the outside edge that touches the basket?



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#3878: Post by jpender »

If it's clean but occasionally leaks my guess is that your gasket/seal is getting old. I've lubed the outside of a seal with intermittent leaking and improved the seal function. But the effect has been temporary, lasting about a week. Rather than continually add lube replacing it with a new seal has solved the problem quite nicely (twice now).

When installing a seal, whether new or used, lubricating all the external surfaces makes it easier to pop into place.


#3879: Post by Nate42 »

The seal can last a long time with care, I only recently changed mine for the first time after nearly 3 years. A minor leak doesn't have to mean it's time to replace, it could just be some debris. I occasionally hold the robot upside down under the sink and rinse out under the seal. I also clean under the flare with a cotton swab. I also occasionally remove the seal entirely, clean it with water, and put a thin coating of lube over the entire seal. Ultimaely though it's a wear item and sooner or later you will have to replace it.

Since your leak happens when you change directions, make sure you are being careful when you do that. The seal flares out when you are pushing down, by nature it doesn't seal as well when you pull back up.

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#3880: Post by Bluenoser »

Ken5 wrote:I asked a week or so ago about changing the gasket, today I had some water squirt above the gasket, so I removed it, cleaned it and got it back in. Was a lot easier than I thought it would be, thanks everyone for the instructions to getting it done!
It is not unusual to get some grinds between the gasket and piston and experience some squirting.. When that happens you don't need to change the gasket, just clean the gasket and the piston thoroughly. This happens to me if I preheat and my preheat water heats up the gasket. I always use lube on the outside of the gasket after cleaning.. My gasket is 2 years old.