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#261: Post by yakster »

My Robot arms also loosened up after a couple weeks and no longer reliably stay up, but I've always used a catch cup. I've had my Robot for four weeks and have been using it daily to pull 3+ shots.

This morning I timed my shots for two Americanos and one straight shot, 10 minutes for the first Americano (including boiling water and setup) and 5 minutes for each additional shot taking a total of 20 minutes. This was not rushed, probably a slower pace than normal.

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#262: Post by evert »

yakster wrote:This morning I loaded the basket with 10 grams of pre-ground Desani Gold (without the Aeropress filter) and tested the tamper fitment. The coffee bed at 10 grams was too low to fully tamp as the tamper was in contact with the walls of the basket. At 12 grams, the bed was high enough to be properly tamped and the tamper moved freely.

I then dumped the coffee, put in a damp filter and ~18 grams, bloomed, and made Americanos for the family.
Do you first make single shots and then add hot water?

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#263: Post by yakster »

I pull into cups of hot water, maybe more of a long black, which retains more crema. My Corelle coffee cups fit nicely under the bottomless portafilter, so I don't have to pull into a shot glass or brew bell and transfer the shot to a cup.

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#264: Post by brianl »

Just my initial thoughts from using it nonstop for a few weeks now.

The preheat discard works as a desperation move for light roasts but I find the normal preheat by pouring in boiling water and then drying it off to be better. At least for my tastes.

It's much easier to clean than my ROK for example. However, as the puck is so wet and makes using a knockbox a challenge. Overall my workflow is not terribly slower than with the pump machine, so that's good when I'm rushing out the door to work.

The grind setting is the same as for my pump machine.

I have had some luck with ristrettos but mostly normale doubles are working the best (18g/40g).

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#265: Post by yakster »

brianl wrote:It's much easier to clean than my ROK for example. However, as the puck is so wet and makes using a knockbox a challenge.
I do several additional pumps to remove excess water and dry out the puck before removing the portafilter and have no problem using a knockbox (the puck often falls out) but there always remains some coffee grounds around the bottom of the basket that need to be cleaned up afterwards.

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#266: Post by IMAWriter »

After an easy pump out of excess water...or let the arms fall naturally, even after only 30 seconds, I have a totally dry puck. Cleanup is SO easy.
Shots are always sweet. Still trying to figure out why. haha
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#267: Post by tuxxie »

The new blue one posted on Instagram is so pretty ... hare_sheet :)

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#268: Post by Sebas1102 »

Thanks peeps and Paul for your advise - I have the pressurised basket as well, and it pulls surprisingly good shots for 'supermarket' coffee.

I do want to pull a good shot with that thick crema using the professional basket, so I Guess the next best step is a proper grinder... sad that the roasters couldn't grind them properly!


#269: Post by jpender »

Have any of you had to pay an import duty to receive a Robot in the U.S.?

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#270: Post by jbviau »

^^^ Not I!
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