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Dcough wrote:Mine managed to cut itself clean off! I think I probably have some form of sealant lying around that I could use to plug the hole it left, but I'm not sure if it's food grade. Regardless chemicals + boiling water makes me (probably unnecessarily) nervous.
I've used JB Weld, a high temperature epoxy, very sparingly at times for things like this. It's not technically food safe but it's non-toxic. For such a small amount I think the risk is minimal. Or you might just be able to wedge a little piece of aluminum foil in there.

Dcough wrote:Prima Coffee seems to carry some on their store website, although a lot of items are out of stock, including the filter screen.
Thanks. I'll check them out.

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jpender wrote:It's a bummer about the shipping. Cafelat used to offer a cheaper/slower/no-track option but it went away sometime recently. AFAIK spare parts for Robots aren't stocked anywhere else... or am I wrong about that?
We would love to put air mail back up again as it only took 5-7 days to the US. ALL international air mail worldwide has essentially stopped due to the virus. Fed Ex economy has also stopped and even Fed Ex Priority we are limited to 90kg per day so we are arranging pick-ups Sat and Sun to cover the shortfalls as well.

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Dcough wrote:I just ordered replacement screens from Cafelat -- the shipping made this quite an expensive mistake, but that's life!

Fortunately the Robot shipped with some paper filters and placing those under the slightly warped screen seems to be doing the job for now. Off to go play a little more but just wanted to say thanks to all, I'd be very lost without everyone's contributions.
See the post before this about shipping.

The paper filters can be used instead of the metal screen. Just use them in the exact same way and they also allow you to experiment with lower doses as well.


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Paul_Pratt wrote:See the post before this about shipping.
Given the state of everything I'm impressed you and FEDEX are shipping, period, let alone this fast. I smirked when I first saw the estimated delivery in my inbox because I thought there was no way, but there it was this morning, right on time. I've paid more for slower domestic shipments!
The paper filters can be used instead of the metal screen. Just use them in the exact same way and they also allow you to experiment with lower doses as well.
Oops! Switched to filter only and for whatever reason the pinless screen + paper yielded the best tasting results so far, but I'm fighting a ton of variables (preheat method, my tamping/leveling ability, new grinder, stale beans), and I assume you have a good reason for recommending filter without screen, so I'll keep working at it! Thanks.


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I wish people would post shot recipes here. For instance:

1. Use 18 grams of Paradise Espresso Nuevo coffee / med-dark roast
2.10 second pre-infusion at 2 bars
3. Ramp up to 8 bars, hold for 5 seconds
4. Slow ramp down pull from 8 bars to 1 bar for 30 seconds

Total pull time = 45 seconds

Obviously your coffee beans, roast, grind, tamping, etc., are going to affect the recipe. But hopefully we can find some agreed upon recipes that will reduce channeling, spraying, and bitter espresso. Recipe's are beginnings, not ends.


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Sounds like a good idea. I can give you my general starting point with the caveat that at this point I don't really time my shots too often anymore. 1. 18-20 grams of medium roasted beans. 2. 5-10 ish seconds of pre-infusion. 3. ramp up to 8-9 bar until I get to about 20 mg. 4. Drop to 7 bar for about 10 mg. 5. ramp down to 5.5-6 bar until 36-40 mgs. When I timed this it was running in the neighborhood of around 35 seconds.

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18r coffee-medium roast ground @ setting 15 Niche
15 sec pre using forearms
35 sec pull
total time 50 sec.

Impressive, super easy to clean and it easily fit's in the upper cabinet


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1. 17-18 grams generally on the lighter side of medium (pre heat if lighter, no need if medium)
2. Dose from grounds bin into portafilter using an Aeropress funnel. Shake and tap counter. Light tamp. Press screen down.
3. Water @ 100°C
3.10-12 second pre-infusion at 2 bars
4. Ramp up to 6 bars and hold
5. Slow ramp down for the last couple of seconds
6. Generally hit a 1:2.5 ratio and get the bright sweet shots I like drinking!


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I like the idea of posting recipes but maybe it should be it's own topic instead of at the end of a 200+ page megathread?


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This, plus there have been many virtual recipes posted here already. I feel you gotta find your own recipe with this machine since circumstances, coffee, climate and preferences will always be different for each user.