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#1521: Post by Nate42 »

If you really want to preheat your robot body and cylinder, maybe pulling a blank shot with the pressurized basket would be a good way to do this? I don't have the pressurized basket myself so haven't tried, but seems like it would work.

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#1522: Post by yakster »

Pre-heating the piston with a pressurized basket works well, but often I find it unnecessary at my altitude and with my medium roasts.

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#1523: Post by Marcelnl »

is that proper milk you are showing?

Long ago I have used a french press style frother for a while but that had a real fine mesh without all the frils this is showing. With that thing (believe it originated from Ikea) it resembled this one ... lsrc=aw.ds

I was able to thump parts of the milk to a whipped egg white like state while the rest stayed a bit too liquidy, overall reasonable yet I had more success with an electric frother.
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#1524: Post by MNate »

Marcelnl wrote:is that proper milk you are showing? .
Standard grocery store whole milk.

It does get uniformly foamed, no layers. I think the key is adding the right amount of air.

My regular espresso machine will be back up this weekend so I can compare taste a bit better perhaps

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#1525: Post by Marcelnl » replying to MNate »

OK clear, it was just that in the picture it seemed to be layered with a watery layer on top so I did not think it was cow's milk, it's probably the lighting of the picture.
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#1526: Post by YeetSkeeterson »

Just sold my original Flair Pro. Looking to snag the Robot... Does it ever go on sale at all during holiday season? I can wait if it does but it not I'd like to order it today. The shipping is what messes it up for me... Throws it to over $430 if there's any VAT once it arrives in the US... Would love for a holiday discount but I don't expect one, and they're essentially impossible to find used.

Paul_Pratt wrote:Will there be a V2 Robot?

So many emails and questions the past few days. The short answer is no.
This however is absolutely fantastic news and one of the main reasons I sold my Flair Pro. I got it 3 months ago and there's already a V2 which I find to be ridiculous. Do it right the first time and make it last.

EDIT: Ended up purchasing one late last night... Retro green barista with professional basket... Expensive, $430 shipped to the US... But it's built to last a lifetime as far as I can tell and it will retain its value very well should I ever, however unlikely, be inclined to sell it. Super stoked for it to arrive around the same time as the Kruve espresso glasses.

Lastly, could anyone be so kind as to summarize the most important tips/discoveries learned over the course of this 150 page thread for Robot use? I can only read and focus on it for so long.

Cheers everyone.

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#1527: Post by MB »


Read the directions, obviously, as they explain needed info well, but here are some items that proved helpful.

Overflow the prepared basket with the boiling water to increase the temperature of the shot for medium and lighter beans. Then pour off enough to leave the standard margin at the top.

Use smooth transitions of pressure on the arms and no release to regrip or Fellini move.

Push the screen down on top of the coffee bed just enough to seat it.

With the arms fully up, tilt the portafilter to help remove it after the shot.

Don't worry about doing a longer pull than you would on a machine.
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#1528: Post by LewBK »

Anyone try the new adjustable Cafelat XT Tamper with the Robot? If you have, what has been your experience?

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#1529: Post by drgary » replying to LewBK »

From the Cafelat store: "This tamper is not suitable for the Robot - Manual Espresso Maker."

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!


#1530: Post by YeetSkeeterson » replying to drgary »

Why is that?