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EbenBruyns (original poster)

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I checked my seal all around and it doesn't look anything like the ones in the pictures. I'll know in about a weeks time once I've pulled a few shots...

Either way, I guess the seals are consumable items and a year is acceptable.


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Thanks, guys. I guess that means it's the enlargement of the seal that somehow causes problems. My current seal (3mo old) is already significantly enlarged, just not as much as the three retired seals.

EbenBruyns (original poster)

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I know it might be a bit early to draw any conclusions, but the new seal seem to "feel" much better when pulling shots. I realise this is very subjective but it seems to make a difference for what it's worth.


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I'll bet it's not your imagination. Enjoy the honeymoon.


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New and old, which had to be replaced because of a leakage.
I read somewhere that Paul recommends to lube it occasionally or after removing it for cleaning.


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Take it off, clean it and lubricate it. While you have it off be sure to clean the groove where it seats. That might fix it for a while. They at least used to come with a spare in the box so hopefully you have one. If not get one on order even if it seems to be working. It absolutely will fail eventually no way to avoid it.


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That helps for a little while. My seal, just 3 months old, is already a little stickier when it comes to locking in the portafilter. I removed the seal to measure how much it has enlarged. I took the opportunity to clean the tiny bit of coffee residue off of it, and then I slathered a liberal amount of silicone grease on it. Now it's behaving like new again. But I know from past experience that this will fade relatively quickly. I don't want to lubricate it every week.

When the seal gets closer to retirement the effect of cleaning/lubrication is even shorter lived, just a few days at best. At some point I've found it doesn't really help at all.