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#61: Post by TV33 »

I tested the LM, by far I prefer IMS 8-10g, try it and come back to us with your impressions.


#62: Post by TV33 »

Do you think it is possible to find a washer with the diameter of the basket and a 3cm hole in the center? It would require a food grade material (silicon?). We would place it at the bottom of the basket before putting the coffee and tamping.


#63: Post by Miltonedgebert »

It would be fairly simple to cast a silicone piece using the basket as the mold and a dowel or something in the center. The problem I see is how to stop water from going around the washer/plug during use.


#64: Post by Jonk »

I think it could probably work, but pick up flavor over time.


#65: Post by vit »

I actually "tampered" the bottom of my Caflano Kompresso basket by a few milimeters with food grade silicone, used for aquariums. Wanted slightly smaller dose with slightly coarser grind. I'm not using it much, but it forks fine - so far