Cafelat Robot Gauge Move

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#1: Post by Foolmeonce »

For my second prototype I used ...

1 x metal bottle cap
6 x popsicle sticks or tongue depressors
2 x zip ties

Tin snips
A nail
Allen wrenches

I guess I could design and 3D print a plastic equivalent:

but I would need a longer bolt for the top pin - the bottle cap is thin enough to use the original bolt ...

it doesn't look too bad ...

AND I am lazy :mrgreen:


#2: Post by Nwin23 »

It would be great if Paul was able to design a retrofit capable of moving the existing gauge up.

Foolmeonce (original poster)

#3: Post by Foolmeonce (original poster) »

On his own Robot, he attaches the gauge on the left leg (at 1m50s) so ...


#4: Post by Nwin23 »

Ah nice. I wonder if the tube is any longer...I'll have to take a look when I get home. Curious why he wouldn't offer that as an option or the standard way.


#5: Post by cap2 »

Foolmeonce wrote:On his own Robot, he attaches the gauge on the left leg (at 1m50s) so ...


#6: Post by Jonk »

For those that want a bigger gauge there's this: ... gauge-kit/

...but it'd really be nice to see an official adapter to make use of the original gauge.


#7: Post by jpender »

My understanding is that the gauge is permanently glued to the bracket. So you'd probably want to replace the gauge/bracket assembly entirely. And it appears that a longer tube and metal shield would also be needed. Add onto that the chance that you'd run into the problem I did when removing the tube from the fittings (I broke one of the fittings when the tube wouldn't release) and you might as well buy a whole kit for ~$60 or so. Installation would be a little fiddly. I imagine Cafelat would have to field a number of customer questions/complaints about a kit.

Funny, I finally removed my gauge this morning. I had left it on the arm merely to support the cable that contained the wires running to a temperature sensor. That sensor died yesterday after months abuse. And this morning, rather than replace it, I just ripped the whole thing out of there. Replaced the intermittently leaking seal while I was at it. My Robot looks naked now.