Built a Frankenstein lever machine using used parts

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Back in August I was able to acquire a Gaggia Orione and a Reneka Tempo 123presso for pretty good deals with the intention of restoring the Gaggia. Over the Christmas break I was able to acquire couple Conti groups and parts, so I thought why not put a Frankenstein lever and I did :) Here is the machine as its current state. I will spend some time in the summer building a custom enclosure for it, but for right now it is producing espresso, but the group is needing a new spring.

What I got from the Reneka were the frame, boiler, pressurestat, vacuum breaker valve, safety valve, and pipings. I borrowed the sight glass from the Gaggia. However, the good thing about this machine is that once I service the Gaggia Orione group, it can potentially be installed on the machine, so the machine is group swappable :)


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Sweet. I'm sure the coffee is great too!


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Love it. Please share a video of it in action ! Congrats

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That's awesome! Pics of shots?


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I saw this Gaggia on craigslist a few months back, the owner told me I was next in line if you didnt snag it.


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Video! We need a video!


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Awesome build!
What's the rough cost to build something like this??

athoangphan (original poster)

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Katzer wrote:Video! We need a video!
Soon :) I am at school now, but the next time I am home, I'll make an espresso and get it on video to post here :)

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IntelliEspresso wrote:Awesome build!
What's the rough cost to build something like this??
It depends on whether you could find good deals on old espresso machines which you could take parts from. I was able to find a working Reneka Tempo 123presso for $40 from facebook marketplace which I took a lot of parts from and the groups from a private seller.

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Terrific job, I took nearly the same route and built mine from parts.
The conti lever group - where were you able to obtain it or parts?
The reason I ask is - I have a two group setup but with one group blanked off, I could use another group - and I could use a few more parts.

Lastly - You could swap out the pressure stat in favor of a PID, if you wanted to do away with the temp swing. I dropped in a thermo probe and its been stable for a few years now. With the click of the controller, I can adjust the temperature.