Brown oxidation like build up in La Pavoni Europiccola grouphead

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Hi there
Am new to espresso repair, but was changing out gaskets on La Pavoni Europiccola when I noticed this brown 'oxidation type' buildup in 2 different water areas.
I had run the descaler a couple of times.

Can't tell if this has removed a required (coated) layer in the head, or if its brass underneath and descaler is doing the right thing.
Perhaps its build-up I had not noticed, that can/should be removed.

Either way - would really appreciate insight to know if this is normal - and how folks recommend to finish/clean to be safe.

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The second picture looks like a buildup of coffee oils. Maybe backflush detergent instead of a descaler would clean that up.

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Thank you ! Perhaps coffee went back due to poor gaskets to there. Will update if it cleans off with Cafiza.

Do you know what the interior head metal color should be on the head ? I am worried over exposure to descaler might have taken silver/stainless steel metal coating layer off .. or perhaps the exposed layer is supposed to be brass and descaler just cleaned off build-up to get there.