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#71: Post by Nick111 »

Glad it is solved.

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#72: Post by IamOiman »

Ah, that is unfortunate this happened during COVID-19. But at least you found your issue. I hope you can switch out that element soon.
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#73: Post by JohnB. »

Phaedrus wrote: I'll have to get in touch with Bosco to get the element swapped out. Not looking forward to changing it though, I think I'm more terrified of swapping the element than the coronavirus. :cry:
Should be an easy swap as it just screws in. A standard Crescent wrench should be all you need. Make sure that they send a new gasket with the replacement element.


#74: Post by bettysnephew »

Very glad you got to the root cause of your problem. I'm sure Bosco will make it right if it is at all possible during this crisis time. At least you can make espresso, albeit with the long heat-up time, until the correct heater arrives.
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#75: Post by Balthazar_B »

And in the meantime you could re-terminate the machine's cord, move it to your laundry room, and power it from your dryer hookup! :P
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#76: Post by Phaedrus » replying to Balthazar_B »

The thought did cross my mind! But, the rest of the machine is 120V; well that and my dryer is gas. :D


#77: Post by barneyfife »

Impressive assistance by the forum's old hands. Bravo.


#78: Post by Richard »

Phaedrus wrote:. . . the rest of the machine is 120V . . .
Is it?
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#79: Post by Phaedrus » replying to Richard »

It is; the PID, Fill Controller, etc are all 120V. So is the heating element if you go by what is stamped on it. Whoever produced the element messed up and stamped the wrong voltage on it.


#80: Post by Phaedrus »

And by the way, thank you to everyone for all your help and advice. This was quite the mystery and I don't think I could have solved it without the collective knowledge of this group. I'm very grateful to be part of this community. Thank you!