Bosco Posillipo 1Group Clear

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Bosco Posillipo 1Group Clear
With Titus Grinder Fantastic work
Robert Bosco
Frank Durra ( Titus grinding (
Configuration Fantastic unique


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Fantastic work! Does this machine have a PID or am I seeing wrong?

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I wanted to have a PID
and Bosco has it in the program

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BaristaBoy E61

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In the 2nd image, what's the cylindrical item under the Bosco logo outside of the machine?

Do the transparent panels compromise the structural integrity of the machine at all?

Nice looking setup!
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That's 2 bowls of 1 crappa
And 1 time to inject scotch whiskey on the beans
Before grinding
To drink Corretto
19.5 grams of espresso are injected with 0.15 ml of crappa or whiskey


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Wow, what a great looking setup. I love the look of the clear panels on the Bosco.


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That is stunning! Great choices.
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The only change I have here
I've never frothed milk for cappuccino so quickly

Espresso & cappuccino are fantastic

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Rate it. Compared with Slayer and La Marzocco leva.