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Hello friends. I have recently (2 weeks ago) ordered 2 group bosco and was told that it's going to be in production soon. I need to make some decisions about options that I choose and would appreciate any advice especially from the current bosco owners. On the basis on some great recent posts related to unpacking the new arrivals I made a decision to go ahead with boiler drain valve, in case I need to do it in an easy way. Is there anything else that you would find useful in their options? Thank you for any ideas.

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Just wanted to add that the machine is going to be for home use.

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What are they offering for options?

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They seem to be open to any customization. Just wondering if other features would be useful in long term.


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It's your call on the PID vs p'stat. I prefer the knob valves over the levers. The rest is cosmetic. Get a few steam tips so you can see which one you like best. My Sorrento has a low water warning light which is a one off according to Roberta. The machine was ordered through Reiss of Londinium back when he was a dealer & he requested that it be added.


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When I ordered my machine, I chose the boiler drain (thanks for the tip JohnB), a full set of steam wand tips, knob controls and a spare set of group seals which I have yet to need. I also requested that the craftsmen sign the machine which they did. I am honored to have those who constructed this machine have a tribute to their craftsmanship that someday another person will see after I and possibly them have left this world. It will be like finding the signatures of the carpenters that built a house.

ETA: I also ordered a bottomless portafilter. Be aware that the Bosco pf's clock differently in th group head than E61 machines. The pf from my VBM will barely engage and the handle is about 30˚ off.
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I'm in the same boat - I'm going to finalize Monday. I'm just waiting to hear back. I am still on the fence about the drain valve myself.

I decided on the joysticks as I have added them to my Duetto and really like them. Extra steam tips seems like a great idea. I also noticed the other day that Caffe Lusso sells gaskets and seals for the Bosco. ... ine-parts/

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Nice to see that Cafe Lusso got some Bosco parts up on their site finally. Of the 4 U.S. distributors they seem to be the only one that actually mentions Bosco on their website.

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A 2 group machine is heavy, having a drain valve will make it easy to get the water out if you have to move it, also if you want to descale it.