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JohnB. wrote: I wonder how many barrels were emptied into that stream over the years??
Best not to think about that...

My metal guy has very high standards for looks so if I did rechrome I would expect nothing less than flawless.
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derylob (original poster)

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My 2 group is still in production. I could ask Roberta to have it plated but I will keep it bare copper. I like the rugged appearance. I ordered the panels to be hand hammered copper too.

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#73: Post by JohnB. » replying to derylob »

Why did you decide to get a 2 group? Do a lot of entertaining?

derylob (original poster)

#74: Post by derylob (original poster) » replying to JohnB. »

Probably it's overkill John. There is 3 of us, coffee drinkers living together. In the morning when we leave out together at the same time, there is a little wait with a single group. I initially ordered single, but then found out that the price difference was relatively small so changed to two. It takes extra space but not that much more. I'm not very experienced, but I thought 2 groups can give even more thermal stability due to boiler size, when pulling more shots.

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#75: Post by JohnB. »

I don't know if the thermo stability of the one group can really be improved. It's pretty spot on once the machine fully warms up. With 3 people wanting drinks at the same time the 2 group will be more convenient. Looking forward to seeing some photos.


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That should be a stunning machine. Yes, photos when it arrives please!
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#77: Post by jordanberry » replying to bettysnephew »

This. Excited to see your machine.

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derylob (original poster)

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Thank you. Absolutely, I will post pictures when I get it.

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BrandtStarck wrote:...Caffe Lusso sells gaskets and seals for the Bosco. ... ine-parts/
Be aware that the "Group Head Piston Seal" for $12 from Caffe Lusso is a single seal.

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derylob wrote:Absolutely, I will post pictures when I get it.
derylob wrote:I had mine delivered last week on Wednesday...But anyways it's with me now and I'm happy.
Come on Man! Let's see that beautiful Two-Group! :P