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CarefreeBuzzBuzz wrote:A number of years ago... Still riding with that pedal today. Your story of the knob reminded me of that day. If the glue works might just want to keep it, for the stories that make up a life well lived.
I will do just that, should the glue take. And for that very reason now - for the story - rather than just out of convenience.


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Congrats and have lots of fun with it!

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Yes, I was the one that had all the issues with poor communications from DHL. For some reason they could just not say, "Call this guy and he will tell you how much you owe and will take your credit card to have it released." It was almost a week and a half to finally find out how to resolve it. Really frustrating when you know it is stateside and thinking I hope customs is not disassembling it looking for contraband. The only thing I was getting was <In Customs Hold> from them.
If I recall my customs charges were about $150.
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BrandtStarck wrote:My Bosco arrived in Boston at 1048 this morning, and was delivered at 1252. All that worrying was for nothing, evidently.

The delivery driver had it on it's side when he lowered the gate on the truck - there was a good bit of water on the outside of the machine when I removed the wrap - and I think at one point it was dropped, because the steam lever knob was broken - but a little wood glue seems to have done the trick.

They do a great job of packing these things for shipment.

I suspect I won't be sleeping tonight...
This same thing just happened to my Londinium. I wonder if the FDA has it out for espresso machines :D

Mine has been sitting in LA for almost a week now and I didn't find out until today that the FDA flagged it for inspection. I opened a trace to hopefully help move it along. I am also frustrated with DHL. I was told 12/2 it was scheduled for a flight to PDX on 12/3. Then on 12/3 it was scheduled for 12/4. Then nothing until I called them today and they had no idea why the Customs clearance thing popped up again. I talked to Reiss at Londinium and he said it looks like from his end the FDA is the problem. Let's hope it's not long.