Bezzera Strega shower basket

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My shower basket is damaged, its a dubbel walled. I am looking for a new one but cant find an original one.
Which shower basked do you recommend and has it to be double walled?
See in the pic the one what I mean

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Sorry, I am not familiar with the style of shower screen that is in the picture that you posted. However, the Bezzera Strega uses the same shower screen as an E-61 group.

There are many E-61 shower screens to choose from. Popular expensive shower screens for lever machines include:
- the IMS 35um, Londinium edition - ... &limit=100
- the IMS 200um, Cafelat edition -
These screens are three times the price of the stock Bezzera Strega screen (part #5470512). Are they worth it? I haven't found huge differences between the few shower screens that I have tried in my Strega (other machines may be different).
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