Bezzera Strega Pump Replacement

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#1: Post by Lockman »

I want to buy a back up EX5 Ulka pump to have on hand.
Is this one usable? ... 00B8KBVZE/
My existing one has 2 wires coming out of pump as well as spade connectors
and most of the ones I have seen online do not have the extra wires.

Will it work anyway?

Thanks in advance!
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#2: Post by mrgnomer »

This is the pump from a part supplier. The Bezzera pump code for a 120V 60Hz is 7731019. It's a fairly commonly used vibratory pump from what I found. The Amazon offered pump looks like it should work. ... ra/7731019
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#3: Post by mrgnomer »

Here's another part supplier that shows a picture of the pump with the specs label. Looks like the same specs. ... atory-pump
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#4: Post by Marmot »

The extra wires you see on your pump are probably from the thermal fuse. The fuse is usually just stuck to the side of the pump and you can pull it out if it is not glued on. It prevents the pump from overheating.

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#5: Post by stefano65 »

All the mentioned ulka pump have only 2 terminals and a recessed spacing made to insert the thermal safety cut-off,
the difference within the SAME ulka model (example the EX for brass kneck)
is the run versus rest time
1/1 1/1,5 1/2
currently for example, the 41w we stock are 1/1
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