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In traditional lever machines (dual bualers might be an exception). Hot water from the boiler enters the cooler lever group and loses temperature during the shot. As a result shot temperature is lower at the end of a shot.
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I don't have experience with anything but a Strega Top, LaPavoni Europiccola and Cremina 67. I consider the Strega and upgrade from the stock plumbed in e61 rotary pump HX I used for over 10 years. I've had the Strega since August 2022. I don't plan on modifying it and from what I've read mods don't really make it a better machine. As was said it has thermostat controlled heating elements to bring the commercial grouphead to temp, an HX and vibe pump for high pressure preinfusion and extraction if you want. The Top is a plumb in.

I have mine plumbed in. There is no comparison to the extraction control options. Pump, no pump, long preinfusions, short preinfusions, Fellini moves...all options are available for any kind of roast. On the fly temp surfing with the HX is also an option I liked with my e61 and glad the Strega has it. Good machine for the price.
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All else being equal, which machine makes better shots?

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I PID'd the grouphead heaters in my Strega. If you have another machine that is walk-up-and-pull temp stable, there would be no need to modify it. As you probably know, you can adjust the pump for preinfusion on the strega with a dimmer switch or a PWM controller from anywhere online. Then you would have a decent-able preinfusion with the lever finish.

You would never have to backflush, and maintenance would be far easier and more enjoyable/tactile to use than any pump machine.

I'm going through this now thinking about a pump machine but seeing just as many downsides as upsides. I don't want to backflush again, haha.
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Better shots, AFAIK, are relative to preferences. There's a lot of variables. Classic lever dip tubes are considered to have a distinct shot flavour compared to HX pump assisted levers. In the end all levers are considered capable of good extractions.

Jim's second look review is what got me interested in the Strega. I liked the idea of the control it has and didn't mind that it is a hands on hybrid lever with a 58mm grouphead and stock has no programmable PID temperature control. As a cost saving parts and designed machine it's popular to modify.

Bezzera Strega - Second Look
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I' ve owned Ponte Vecchio Exports,Strega,vintage Olympia Creminas ,La Pavoni Professionale,Izzo Pompei and now a Lambro.
All capable of making repeatable shots although the La Pavoni gave me some troubles sometimes .


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I teally think you need a fair amount of time to fully appreciate the capabilities of a machine, some folk chop and change like the wind which doesn't really allow them the time to fully appreciate what a machine can do.

In terms of light roasts, you can get decent shots out of most lever machines once you understand how they work and what the do.

To th OP there are quite aa few lever machines that run a 58mm group, the strega (as mentioned) all of the londiniums that have been made including the new as yet unreleased vectis, the Profitec p800, the quickmill rapida, the bosco, etc

My personal preference is towards a 58mm group ( I have used the San Marco group on a few machines ) as you have access to the much better baskets and screens etc.

However you can get the best out of pretty much any lever machine you just need to commit the time to one
levers levers levers, is there any other way?


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Coffeechap wrote:However you can get the best out of pretty much any lever machine you just need to commit the time to one
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WAFO espresso baskets will also be limited to 58mm