Bezzera Strega grouphead leak from boiler?

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#1: Post by steadishot »

The group head screen of my Strega has started having water flowing out of it while the pump tops off the boiler.

It started out as a drip and now is full on flow when the pump activates.

I thought the head was completely isolated from the actual boiler so would this be at the pump/switch or could it actually be a seal, etc. elsewhere?



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#2: Post by mountmustache »

Sounds like a piston seal to me! When was the last time you changed them? Most spring levers work on a similar concept. When the piston is down (lever up), the piston is blocking the holes/water from the boiler, the seals keeping it water tight. So when the seals go bad, it lets water by. The progression of your problem from drips to full flow would be consistent with a seal deteriorating. Hope that helps!

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#3: Post by DanoM » replying to mountmustache »

Yup, piston seal or lack of seal lube/sealant. Dow 111 acts as both a lubricant and sealer for seals. Check the seals and if they look okay then try a bit of lube.

It can also leak out the back of the piston group if the top seal isn't lubricated or even worn.
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