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Good question, I have to admit I actually didn't really notice that detail of the logo... I did some googling and ended up here: ... 1626686519. Which made me realise that this dragon is indeed also part of the Alfa Romeo logo. Apparently this dragon is called the Biscione ( and is related to the city of Milano in which Bezzera was founded. So probably it's because of that relationship to Milano :)


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Well, now I want a Bezzera for that reason only!

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wijmaar (original poster)

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So, time for an update :D . Made a lot of progress over the last weeks, so much that it currently looks like this!

Really proud of the result and really thankful to some of the Dutch Koffiepraat (the Dutch equivalent of HB) colleagues to help out.

Some more detail:

1. Soldering the boiler and the steam / hot water valve nipples

We had to sacrifice the original nipples as they were pressed on. A Dutch forum member made really nice new ones, we soldered them on the pipes:

Furthermore did a small repair on one of the outlets of the boiler:

2. A long night

When I returned home that night, I couldn't resist to put the machine back together:

The valves needed some new rubbers, and the powder coating had covered the threads for the feet:

3. The next day it was time for some finishing touches:

I had been given some nice retro-look sleeves for the silicon wiring:

I decided to reuse the original sight glass as it is a nice and subtle representation of the machine's age:

Finally I returned the Biscione to his renovated home:

4. The end result:

I am waiting for a naked portafilter from creativewerk and a temperature strip and will add a vacuum breaker once I receive a 3/8 MFF. Will share some of the experiences on making shots with this beauty soon!

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Gorgeous! Good home size too. My Bezzie is not exactly small and agile...
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Lovely work. Enjoy this beauty!!


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Its a 'Biscione', a symbol used on coats of arms, flags etc. you can even find it on the Alfa Romeo badge.

Its an italian thing, and more specifically, a Milan thing...

I have no idea why the snake eats a person, though...
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The snake eating a man is an old legend. More about it here, for instance: ... g-guy/amp/ ... nster-lake
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D Hoge

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That's a Wikipedia link to the "Biscione", which is also part of the Alfa Romeo logo. Historic symbol for the city of Milan.

D Hoge

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Wijmaar, you did an excellent job on the restoration, looks beautiful.
For some reason I wasn't getting all those posts, sorry for repeating the info about the logo.