Bezzera Famiglia repair help

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Greetings and Happy New Year to all,
Hoping to get some feedback from other members. I'm the owner of a Bezzera "Famiglia" lever machine,and when I speak with someone in the commercial repair field they look at me as if I have two heads. I was reading through some older forum posts and saw that someone had purchased a used one which they believed was originally purchased through a distributor in Boston. I would guess it was purchased through Rino Gnesi Co, Medford Ma.(now closed). This is where I purchased mine back in 2004.

They are great machines but due to they're rarity they are difficult to obtain service on or get parts for. The issues I was hoping to get some help with are that it no longer delivers hot water through the wand(steam wand works fine). I disassembled the wand from the valve and made sure it was clear, so the issue probably sits in the valve. Also I wish I had the insight to have purchased another portafilter and baskets for successive pulls. Does anyone know of another one that would work and of availability of them?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Been a member here on the site, but my first post, so thanks again to anyone who can help.


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I also have this machine, and love it. I have seen it written about here most frequently as the Bezzera Family, though it sometimes shows up as the Famiglia or Milano. A recent - and incredibly helpful - rebuild thread on here is Ater Family- Project Done where the machine is basically identical to the Bezzera but badged as an Ater. There's a lot of great info in that thread.

I can't speak to the wand/valve problem, but every morning I use a bottomless portafilter made by Gabor that I had originally purchased for a Cremina, and it works perfectly. A caveat though: Some folks with this machine have had trouble swapping out the original for other 49mm portafilters. I think this came up in another really helpful thread, Bezzera Family Lever (part deux), and you can see what has worked for folks and what hasn't with this machine.

The 49mm baskets all seem to fit well: Cremina and La Pavoni seem to work well, so I think you should be pretty safe getting one of those baskets, or an MCal.

Good luck in getting that wand/valve problem sorted out!