Best 2 drawer base for Olympia Cremina & grinder?

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Postby pincorrect » Mar 21, 2019, 11:00 pm

Could I get some recommendations for a good 2-drawer base in stainless steel for the Olympia Express Cremina and a Mazzer Mini grinder. One of the drawers should be a knockbox. The Cremina is 7.87" wide and 10.63" deep. The Mazzer Mini is 6.75" wide and 13.5" deep with the grinds spill tray mounted in front.

One possibility is the Rancilia Base for the Silvia and Rocky grinder. It looks like it is 13.5" deep and 19" wide, but only 2.13" high.

Another one is the Pasquini Livietta Base. It's 15.5" deep and 15" wide. It's 4" narrower than the Rancillia, so I'd probably want to put the grinder on the right side because of the steam wand on the Cremina.

Does anyone have experience with either one of these? Or other recommendations? Also, does anyone recognize what stand Lance used in his "Cremina Movie" over in the FAQ topic on this sub-forum?

Thanks for your suggestions!


Postby justymikey » Mar 21, 2019, 11:17 pm

I didn't even know I was interested in a base until you asked this question! I am excited to follow this thread.
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