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on point 3; orphanespresso has a detailed walkthrough in how to do this. see also here: ... 620-1.html
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how are you detecting the short ?

are you certain this is not a problem with the outlet itself or the circuit breaker/GFCI if using one ?

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I think a problem with the heating element is the most plausible problem at the moment.
I placed a new cable just now to test if it's in the cable, including a new socket. I checked for a minimal electrical set-up: without connecting a switch and only one heating element. Still results in a short.

I'm going to unscrew the heating element and probably base-ring.
I'll first try with my oil-filter removing tool, to see if I can get a grip.. on this 60 year old lady.

Would this mean (since its such an early model) I'll need the following replaced

La Pavoni Heating Element Boiler Flange for Old Pre '82 machines
( ... -machines/)

And a new heating element ... de-331336/

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I'm pretty sure my circuit breaker works fine (and happy it does) :)
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Actually, you could have an insulation breakdown. You should use a "megger" to measure the resistance between the HE coils and ground (using the brass base as gnd is fine).
A megger uses high voltage to measure insulation resistance and dry resistance should be at least 1 megaohm per 1kv, with 1Mohm as a minimum - i.e. it should be at least 1 mega ohm, even at 110/220 volts.
Even using a decent standard digital voltmeter (like a Fluke) will give you a reasonable idea: if you measure it in the Kohm range then that is your problem and you should replace the HE.

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Welcome back, Franco!

A Megger is of course a specialized and expensive electrician's tool. If you know an electrician, it might be worth having it tested. If you find that your heating element is shorted, you can replace it with a two coil heating element and an adapter ring or you could have your heating element rebuilt, which is a great way to go but would involve some time delay. That would maintain it as a faithful restoration. Here is Francesco' Ceccarelli's page on repairing or rebuilding old heating elements, including his recommendation of Gabor in Budapest. I have one of Gabor's rebuilt heating elements on my 1964 Europiccola, and it works great.

That's a beautiful 1962 Europiccola. If you haven't yet found it, Francesco has a good section on servicing a variety of vintage levers, including these old La Pavonis.

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Hello Gary! Yeah sorry - I sometimes lose myself in the problem at hand and assume too much... thank you for the clarification. alas I have little time but i really want to be a bit more present.