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#1: Post by orphanespresso »

We generally have the attitude of MYOB on such things, but this one is kindof bugging me. There is currently an Olympia Cremina on ebay that is at best a parts machine and it is reaching the usual astounding price for a used 26 year old ill maintained machine ......we generally stay out of it knowing that we will be selling some seals and refurb parts in a few days, but this machine, from the pictures has one of the worst issues known to Creminadom, which is the rear lever pin slot is extremely stretched to the point of visually looking like it is near rupture. This damage is usually due to lack of lube of the lever pins, meaning that the lever yoke holes are likely well stretched also. This will basically make the machine a parts machine, with one important and non available part missing. Other points, involving non available parts, no bottom cover or red reset button, leaking rod seal, leaking boiler, degraded heating element terminals, scale crust at boiler cap, and that's just what you can see.
Sometimes a prospective buyer will write us and ask what we think and we tell them as we are pretty much out of the market for used ebay Creminas but in this case, no. So please, if you are considering getting into this machine as your dream Cremina, think again, for it is a parts machine only. Not wanting to be meddlesome or a nanny type as we believe that adults can make their own choices and live with it but this machine will soon be useless and need a new group or some major metalwork done to be safe to use. Yes, there are people who can do this group repair and this has been discussed on this forum but not an easy or inexpensive thing to do.
Yes, this is a case of buyer beware as are all purchases of any kind but I just felt I had to put out a word of warning to the HB community on this one.

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#2: Post by Bob_McBob »

Thanks for the warning. I wondered about this machine after noticing some of the stuff you mentioned. Sounds like the buyer is in for a nasty surprise :(

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orphanespresso (original poster)

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I'm not saying it has no value....but it is a parts machine, and we all know the cost of some of these parts...drip tray and grate, portafilter, top plates, case, heating element, pstat, steam wand parts etc...these add up to about 500 bucks even without the group, so there is some value here, but that group is about toast. Wear in the pin slot is one thing but the stretch bump on top means it has weakened substantially and someone is going to be leaning on the lever when it breaks through and it won't be a pretty scenario.
Just to clarify, the machine I am referring to ends Jan 24 and is located in So Cal.....there is a second machine that just went on today and I am keeping my opinions to myself on that one. I have no horse in this race as this is just a public service announcement.


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I have not been interested in either machine, but I appreciate the fact that you have posted this information. These are precisely the types of problems that the majority of first-time Cremina buyers (and many who are not first-time) would not recognize.

My personal feeling is that H-B is a community of people with a common interest. People make an important effort to keep the site from deteriorating into pure commerce. But as a community, we also have a certain responsibility to look out for each other. That is what makes H-B more than just a version of Wikipedia devoted to coffee or a specialized Ebay site.



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#5: Post by drgary »

Bravo Doug!

Those are just the sorts of things a newcomer like me would just not notice. I would love to stumble upon a Cremina I can afford (a contradiction in terms these days) and have drunk the Kool-Aid that these things last forever. Thanks for the wake-up on that!

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

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#6: Post by mborkow »

Good info and warning. Thanks

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#7: Post by doubleOsoul »

Right on, Brother! Thanks for looking out for us leverheads.
Nice to know OE's got our backs! :D


#8: Post by benhogan »

I'd welcome thoughts on this listing from those of you who are in the know about these machines. thanks ... 0311429249


#9: Post by rawman »

By posting it here, you have given it massive advertising. It will probably go for 2 times what it is worth.
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#10: Post by Bob_McBob »

Whoever won the machine for $730 must have read this thread and backed out, because it's been relisted and is going for a substantially lower price.