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Found this aurora brugnetti 2 group. Seller says it's been sitting few Years. Any advice prior to purchase? I'm thinking to rewire with updated wiring and refresh the seals. Any more advice please and thank you. * no place here to upload pics..

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The machine was in Montreal, correct?
It was pulling shots at Café Prague on Van Horne street for the longest time. It was in good shape but been on sale for a few years now. They were asking $7k at first if I remember correctly.

They had a technician from a local shop doing the maintenance. Depending on what you see under the hood, I wouldn't recommend doing a full restoration since it was used daily and maintained. No need risking breaking or stripping a part that is maybe impossible to source anymore. I'd flush a lot of water through the boiler drain valve, group and water spigot to clean the old stale water. Piston gaskets and portafilter gaskets likely need to be changed and lubed. Check for leaks and apparent signs of scale and test it for a little bit.

They served a very traditional, italian style espresso and, while I was not necessarily a fan of the coffee, I remember that it was very sweet. Sweet sponge toffee like (think of a Cadbury Crunchie).
I used to work 5 minutes away and would go for a ristretto which was pulled like a double espresso but the barista would remove the cup around 20 seconds in.

Here she is:
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