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Oskuk wrote:Yes, as I just said:

...and anyway: it is working now, as I just said too ;-)
Oops, I missed that post.
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Forget the machine :-). Gorgeous cats!!!


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It's not a cup warmer, rather a cat warmer!


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I have to admit that my dream on getting a 1 grp Bosco seems a bit sad, if cats cannot fit anymore ;-)
Earlier days, the times of Strega, life was a struggle!


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The problem has not gone away as I hoped.
Right group is still somehow sick. Flow is bad, but with "fellini"? wiggle it gets better,
but there is a peculiar noise too as there is coming air? So leaking dipper-tube, letting partly steam thru?
But why not all the time, why this wiggle helps the flow? Even my Baristacat Annikki does not have all the answers!