Astoria "Conti" Lever Group

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#1: Post by SynViks »

As seen here: CMA Astoria Perla with Conti Group

Here's the schematic:

Basically you have a Conti linkage, a La San Marco single seal/water inlet valve arrangement, and an Astoria 58mm portafilter. Looks like there's only a couple parts that are interchangable with the standard Conti lever group.

Wondering if anyone has experience using one of these or has some pictures of the internals? It's also noted as being "12 bar"... is this actually the case? And why is Astoria fitting this to only some of their Rapallo machines?

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#2: Post by truemagellen »

I dont see 2 springs but many Napoli machines are setup for 10.5 to 12 bar. Usually you dont see the full 12 bar at the puck but 10.5-11 is likely. La San Marco, Izzo Leva, ACS Evo Leva, etc. all have this configuration.

It is great if you can get used to it but it can be unforgiving.