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Hello lever aficionados,

I have been in this espresso game for 4 years now and I am ready for a vintage lever machine.

I currently have a Bianca and while it serves me well, I have a yearning for a lever machine. Not planning on replacing the Bianca for now just an addition. Mechanics do not scare me but finding information and a machine is a little intimating.

I am not a fan of bright acidic espresso. I do prefer Indonesian coffees and roasts that finish up at second cracks to no more than 45 seconds into them. With that I believe that these are within the vintage lever's capabilities.

I believe the coffees I prefer would do well with a vintage lever. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I also restore and ride vintage lambretta scooters, which is one of the reasons I would really like a vintage lever machine. A tie in with my other hobby.

So if anybody can point me in the direction of some websites or other sources of information and perhaps know of any machines for sale I would be very grateful.

Thank you,



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Coffee. Don't let the tea drinkers fool you. Yes ,it's supposed to taste bitter.

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There's a nice looking Caravel that just popped up right here on H-B. It's identical to mine, so I can attest to it being a good lever machine for small shots. You can't get much more vintage-looking than a Caravel.


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Thank you everyone!

I should have been more specific, although I like the home machines, I am Looking for a commercial vintage lever 1 or maybe 2 groups.


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There is also a Strega in the sales forum. Commercial group with smaller footprint.
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I have some advice, but first, know this:
Your correlated hobby crossover from scooters to espresso is real, and shared by folks like me. I've restored and sold off my 74 vespa sprint v, then a Lambretta series 3 TS1 225cc that had to be built up from parts. If you can bang your fingers on those italian hairdryer shopping carts, you can fuss with espresso machines just as well. My interests now have me owning and wrenching on airhead BMWs.
Finding the right project is probably the highest hurdle here. Patience will help you win.
I found a user here who had an vintage lever head waiting for use, he then sold me the boiler some time later. The rest was up to me, and fabrication imagination. If you have the funds, levers exist for the buying.

Hindsight advice - Perhaps think about availability of parts, in the important areas that need periodic replacement. Most of the commercial levers from CMA follow similar build styles, if not exact. Do not be afraid of cobbling together your own set of parts, plumbing and heating controls, as I did.

It helped me to browse through the threads here that portray the builds from other people. I certainly picked and chose my options based upon others' experiences and results.

Feel free to ask questions - there's plenty of opinions here.

good luck-


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Our interests do cross paths.

Started on 2 wheels with a 1974 R75/6 which I still have and ride today . Progressed to scooters, lots. Mostly I have Lambrettas and one Vespa. TS-1 is pretty serious, have one in a 66' Sx200. In my earlier, stupid days I had it up to 100mph! Currently daily driving a 58' series 1 frame breather with a MB modified RT225 with Reed valve. Lots of fun!

I'm not worried about the mechanics of an espresso machine. Just finding the information and parts I need to keep it going.

Would really like a Faema Lambro for the tie in to Milan and Lambretta scooters but am open to almost anything that I could find.


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I would say go for the Lambro! You can find them offered online, including at Italian sites.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

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Nice garage - I should have known from your location that you are PVSC.
My bet is that we have probably met, if not stood near each other- because - Bandcamp!