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Postby Swissbariss » Apr 05, 2019, 2:43 am

So after 5 years of owning a V1.2 seafoam green Caravel I am ready to move on and join the darkside of pump machines. I still love my Caravel and will still keep it, but I need an easier and more practical (wife friendly) daily driver. The Caravel will stay in the garage and will now be the sunny Sunday driver. So after 5 years I would like to think I have my Caravel figured out, and for the most part I have, but its still a moving target to get those repeatable "perfect" shots. But as we all know, even those less than perfect shots are still better than what most other machines can produce.

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Postby redbone » Jun 29, 2019, 9:31 am

New early fine example Caravel in the house. Dissembled oxygenated soap soak for 24hrs followed by Barkeepers Friend polish either toothbrush or mini brass brush. This method works well on all parts except aluminum base which oxidizes to a patina which can be polished with fine steel wool and rinsed.
Image Really need a separate sink away from the laundry room according to wife.

Oddly enough one of the most difficult tasks is fitment with a new l.e.d. The original one piece lights arrive not working or don't produce visible light at 120v since they're220v.
Image Does the job even if not that oem look with metal ring bezel.
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Postby lost13coffee » Aug 13, 2019, 9:19 pm

What type of coffees (beyond the roast levels) would you recommend in particular?


Caravels are amazingly rewarding RE the standard of coffee you use.
I can get a constantly "good" cup from very average beans (supermarket beans)
I can get a mind altering cup from specialty beans.

This is where different baskets come in. For supermarket beans it needs the largest basket. For something like Tim Wendelboe beans it has to be the small basket or it blows my brains.

Yes the grinder should work. I suspect that as Caravel has such a small basket and only under hand pressure, the more consistent the grind the better. I use an OE Pharos (version 1) and am happy with it. I have heard good things about the zero but never used it. I think grinders are like tv screens, there is always bigger and better...but they may not fit your budget or kitchen.

If you want to explore coffees and you are in an area that means you have to mail may want to look at the menu from Its a coffee shop in Singapore that specialises in roasts from around the world. If you are in Singapore, try them...TIP: don't do them all in 1 day.