Arrarex Caravel brewing video with PID, Niche Zero, Pixys scales and puck screen

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My first coffee brewing video. It took about 4 hours to film and 4 hours to edit.

Too many cuts I know. All feedback (whether on video making or brewing) is welcome.

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I certainly enjoyed watching and listening to it. (Especially the very end!)

Based on your advice I ordered a puck screen a few days ago, I'm curious to try it.

I'm too lazy to be as precise as you so I just rely on the built-in thermostat. I measure volume instead of weight of the espresso and drink out of a small chemical beaker with ml markings. I like your method of warming the basket and portafilter in the tank, but again, I'm lazy and perhaps don't always clean the portafilter as well as I ought and I don't want to be drinking my wash water.

I do think the Caravel espresso is as good as it gets and am happy you're showing the world how it's done.
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Tried similar ideas using a PID years back but my current method is easy and flawless. 1) Heat water close to boiling. 2) Stir and do a blank shot to heat mug or demitasse cup. 3) Poor cooled water from cup back into open boiler and stir. 4) Pull shot. Can use a good quality thermometer such as Thermopen to learn technique. Once established it becomes second nature and good shot become repeatable.
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Thanks for watching.

That pot of boiling water is an asset! The bottomless portafilter stays very clean so I don't have to worry about polluting the pot.

The big advantage of the PID is that the temperature is now part of the coffee recipe, so my lighter beans are getting 91-93c and the medium roast like this one about 88-89c.
Those are temperatures with everything preheated - basket, puck screen, and portafilter.

When I get enough control of all the other parts (and now the puck screen is helping with that), I can dial in the taste with the temperature, especially on the more unique light roasts. I make it very acidic using a low temperature, and then start pushing up the temperature in 2C increments, until the mouth magic happens.