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Hmm. Amberale do you mean non-North American certification? Hoping Canada is the same as US.


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I'm not sure.
I think USA/CA are covered under the same details.
Other countries have more/less strict guidelines.
Apparently Australian compliance is a PITA.


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Amberale wrote:The piston has a ball valve which allows the removal of air from the chamber preventing "sponginess".
If I recall correctly, at the time this was taken, Ross was still finalising the valve used and the "jiggle" was to remove the air.

Unfortunately, non-US certification is going to take up to an extra month so I will be waiting a while yet.
thanks for sharing and so those few samples under certification process are having ball-valve ?

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Canada is not the same as the USA, but it is possible for one certification process to be valid in both countries.

The laws regarding requirements for certification vary by juridiction in Canada. Interested Canadian posters should consult the laws for their province/territory; e.g., here are the electrical marks recognized in Ontario: ... ion-marks/ (Please note Home-Barista is not a legal advice forum.)
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There was an Argos announcement today regarding a New excellent update/revision to the Argos App.
When there is a special coffee recipe that you created and logged in; Now, it can be changed or modified and updated at will.
And not have to revise the whole recipe. **Except no changes of coffee recipe can be made while brewing.


'' Hello everyone! Caleb here.
Just a small announcement today:
**Our developers are working building out the functionality to edit a recipe after you have brewed it!" It's a feature that many of you have requested, and we are excited to release it to you. You will be able to go into your logged recipes on your app, select it, and tweak it to further improve your dial in if yo wish. You will not be able to edit it mid brew however. "
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*Ps, our two limited release micro-lot coffees are so close!


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Hi Stanley, they all have the ball valve.
Now that the design is finalised no jiggling should be required.

The certification process is mainly around the electrical components and varies from country to country.