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bgn wrote:Setting my sights on Easter now for getting this machine in my hands based on the last update.
Are you talking about your own personal timeline here?
I thought the website says they will reopen orders near the end of the year? Or have I missed something.


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Just my own rather pessimistic timeline. I've had one on order since December. There was talk this Spring of getting them out before year end, but the last update made it clear that delivery will not be until next year. Given that there are still a few variables I'm thinking Spring is realistic.


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That's not too bad. It took 18 months for my Weber Key to arrive, and they started their campaign with a fully done design that only required minor tweaking (mostly, the anti popcorn cap on top of the feeder, and sadly not in time for backers, the plastic feeder aparture).
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Looking at the digital pressure transducer. Question for people who have tried the Smart Espresso Profiler transducer or something like that: What does it add to the user experience to have pressure shown on the graph, instead of only showing flow? Because as I understand it, the Argos app will already graph the flow if linked to a bluetooth scale.

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What does it add to the user experience to have pressure shown on the graph...
Not much, just a nice-to-have in my opinion. I've had an SEP for a couple of years now, after purchasing it during a honeymoon "acquisition of all the coffee gear" phase. I pre-ordered an Argos without the transducer.

I bought mine with the original notion that when I pulled a great shot, that I'd follow the pressure curve to try replicate going forward on a given coffee. Never did it - and just acts as a nice visual output.

Could be useful to establish any anecdotal, casual relationships between taste and pressure? Though you could physically taste/see this without the aid of any transducer.


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Interesting to me that you never did end up trying to follow a curve. At first I thought you were going to say you did so for awhile but eventually decided it wasn't worth the bother. For manual pulling, I was expecting to be lost without that feature. Was planning to start by mimicking a couple of tried and true profiles. See if I can get a decent cup that way, and then go from there with experimentation.

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I ordered an Argos without the transducer too, just a gauge. Based on my experience with a Cafelat Robot (sans gauge) I didn't feel the transducer was necessary. Once I'm dialed in, the Robot shots are delicious, and eventually I get a muscle-memory feel for how to pull the best shot. I'm expecting the Argos to be the same, but can always switch to the spring if I'm not happy with my manual consistency.


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Nice to see Ross still talking about January shipping in his latest update. But I'm not expecting it to happen. Interesting to see all of the last minute developments and tweaks.


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Sounds like Ross is sending out completed units to reviewers this month. Looking forward to seeing these popping up. Not sure who will get units to review. Would be nice to see one here on home barista.

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Jake and I have machines on order; and I reached out twice to see if we could get one early for review. So far, no answer. We may not be part of the marketing strategy.
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