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GregoryJ wrote:I really like the new mounting position of the pressure gauge in today's update.
Where was that update posted? Somehow I am having a real difficulty figuring out how to follow changes. I'd order a pressure gauge if it's not a huge lollipop like it was initially.
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#272: Post by GregoryJ »

This was in their semi weekly email update


#273: Post by Amberale »

If you haven't got your order in you are going to have to wait.
The "Sold Out" sign has gone up.
Pre-orders have been closed off and are expected to reopen towards the end of the year.


#274: Post by palica »

I guess it will come with a price increase. I wouldn't be surprised to see it at 1000$, which would still be an excellent deal.


#275: Post by Frenchman »

I agree. $1,000 would still be great, and if a price increase ensures continued existence of the company and support from them, that's totally worth it.
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I like the update sent today... No shipping date yet but some excellent news. :D


#277: Post by Todd+ »

How easy will it be to change this machine from direct lever to spring? I'm imagining only putting the direct lever in for me, and then switching back to the spring immediately so it's set up for my wife. Is there something like a quick-release to allow for rapid conversion? Would you have to wait for the machine to cool down before making the switch?

EDIT: Maybe answered my own question: 4 minutes 8 seconds in the video below. Would be much faster if it's possible to buy a full version of each lever... but there's no quick release.

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#278: Post by GregoryJ »

You can buy the full piston assembly. Definitely let the machine cool first. ... n-assembly


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The last update was very interesting. I've never seen those puck screens before. But I've seen them discussed often on the Streitman thread where the screens, along with paper filters cut to fit, seem to be common.


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GregoryJ wrote:You can buy the full piston assembly. Definitely let the machine cool first. ... n-assembly
Thanks for pointing me to this.