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#261: Post by Jake_G »

Sorry for my useless response.

I too ordered both. I ordered with the 8 bar installed and got the extra piston assembly along with a 6 bar spring. Many others have followed suit as you and I have and ordered both, along with a spare assembly.
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#262: Post by Jeff »

I unhesitatingly ordered both springs based on my experiences with coffees tasting different at different pressures. I haven't decided on a spare lever, especially since the changes to make the switch-over easier.


#263: Post by Amberale »

I did the same Foamy.
I have a CT1 so I will probably run the Argos as a springer.


#264: Post by boren »

foam2 wrote:I originally ordered it with the 6 pound installed and understand it is easy to switch out but curious what others were doing.
I wonder how easy it is to switch the spring on the Argos. With machines like the Elektra MCaL people have to build dedicated jigs to replace the spring. Not something I would describe as easy.

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#265: Post by Jake_G »

No need with Argos.

When the piston is removed from the bore, the spring is loose.
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#266: Post by Ah_J »

Ordered both as well to integrate a full lever system with my Cremina 87


#267: Post by bgn »

My original order was for an 8 bar spring. Last week I ordered the 6 bar spring and the manual pressure gauge.

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#268: Post by Felice »

As an aside, I changed my MCAL spring easily with a larson clamp.


#269: Post by boren »

Interesting. Do you have a picture of that setup?

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#270: Post by baldheadracing »

Felice wrote:As an aside, I changed my MCAL spring easily with a larson clamp.
I don't have to use a clamp at all; I just unscrewed the piston (pre-1997 assembly). The only time I needed a clamp was to put an initial set on a new post-1997 spring (before installation).

(I would assume that the Argos springs are supplied with a set.)
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