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There was another issue that Ross mentioned before. Since there's no sight glass, and dippers need a headspace, you need the height of the funnel to be such that it allows you to estimate when you should stop pouring water in.


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The first time I found out about the argos, I almost ordered it. There actually has been at least 3 times that I almost pulled the trigger. Somehow, the more I look at it or read about it (after honeymoon stage), particularly issues like this, I am becoming less interested.


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Same here, except that I ordered it. There are the ones who do and the ones who don't. :D


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Enea wrote:Anyone else wondering why "Source boiler funnel" is so difficult? :D
I appreciate the attention to details I am seeing. Willing to wait longer to get a great machine with the features I want, Roy

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Well, I was able to contact Ross and make the changes I wanted. Black powder coat, walnut, both springs. YEE HAW!
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