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Jeff wrote:Just as a friendly reminder, providing new and relevant information helps keep discussions productive

We're fortunate that most people don't "me too" announce every product that they decided not to buy.
I get that and I apologize but I'm guessing that "friendly reminder" would have been left in the keyboard had I said I placed an order. I'll see myself out.

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extradecaff wrote:From discord, copy-paste:

Ross said:(2021)
I normally do 18g in and get about 45g out. If I hold the lever down longer I can get up to ~55g out since I sized the swept piston volume for 60g but really depends on how long you wait for the GH to fill.
This is great, thanks! I stick with traditional ratios so that should be plenty of volume.


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I can't quickly find it, but there was also a discussion about the possibility of multiple pulls, and I believe I recall someone saying that he did that.


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harris wrote:I get that and I apologize but I'm guessing that "friendly reminder" would have been left in the keyboard had I said I placed an order. I'll see myself out.
Please don't. I'd love to hear how did your refund experience go.
FWIW hearing about reasons people went through a refund is relevant information.


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Is potentially losing all your money really worth a discount? It's not an investment, your money won't grow with a chance of loss, you get, at best, a discount with a chance of loss. It stands beyond all logical and economical reasoning.

Maybe I, at 28, am too old and miss the days pre-fund me campaigns. What happened to traditional investors if the idea is so good and the market research was done? It's worked for centuries and it still works just fine. If this is a passion project versus a cash grab, whatever percentage investors want to take shouldn't be much of a big deal for infrastructure they can provide like advertising and shipping logistics.

Yea, this feels "homebrew" by advertising for free on Home-Barista, but Home-Barista isn't what got me into this game. I got into Home-Barista after I started on this journey.

Just mumbling here. I do not care one way or the other. Once shipping at some price, I will buy it. Haven't visited these forums much what with the AeroPress, V60, and Robot, I do not have any sort of GAS 99% of the time. But as I sip on an espresso from my Robot, sometimes this website enters my mind to see what's been going on.
boren wrote:James Hoffmann has a new video about the (failed) ZPM espresso machine project. The first thing that came to my mind when he talked about pricing was the very attractive pricing Ross Ainsworth set for the Argos Odyssey. I hope he did the math better than the ZPM guys.
I think the most notable part about this story is that they weren't scumbags. They had good intentions, they just goofed, and that was pre-COVID.


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YeetSkeeterson wrote:Is potentially losing all your money really worth a discount?
It does sound terrifying to give all the money earned in life for an espresso machine that never happens.
I would not wish this to anyone. Even with a good discount.


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Always a joy to intellectually encounter the straw man fallacy we learned about in middle school.

Maybe we can stick to reality and the easily discerned and figurative use of "all".


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Never been to a middle school, so not sure I fully get this. Nevertheless, my apologies if I misunderstood something. My guess is that you did not invest all your earnings into a coffee machine? I am honestly glad if that is so.

And I think it is fair if any individual does not pay for something he or she does not want to pay for.
I also believe that it is very considerate to assess all risks related to any purchase, be it events before delivery or throughout the life cycle.

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A new e-mail update from Ross:

Argos Update: July 29, 2022

Hello all! The past 2 weeks have been filled with onboarding, development, shipments, design, and organization.

Shop techs have all started with initial tasking of wiring and shop organization/layout.

Unfortunately I had some production parts delivered to Texas....our shop is 800miles (1287km) away in Denver. I'm working with UPS to try and retrieve this.


We're working on getting our Molex auto crimper up and running with the wire terminals that we bought and have in the shop. It's an older model so we had to source some used parts to reconfigure it for our needs. We ran into some slight issues trying to get this dialed since there's not much documentation on the older machine but once this is up and running, we'll be crimping away!

There may be some ambiguity so just want to be up front and clear. The past few months have involved finalizing what we thought would be small design tasks like steam wand mounting/ routing and pressure gauge/transducer mounting. When reviewing the designs there were much more optimal methods which would improve performance, reliability, and ease of assembly.

One example would be steam routing. I originally had a "straw" tube that went from the top of the boiler down through the bottom and into a steam manifold underneath. This steam manifold held the pressure release valve and steam line up to the valve/ wand. This was a simple approach but created difficulty when figuring out how to secure the valve and all the lines. The long line length and many fittings were not optimal for potential leak points and wet steam from condensation through the long lines.

This has since (last month) been redesigned into a steam channel machined directly into the bottom of the top plate that passes steam directly from the top of the boiler to a new steam manifold mounted on the upper boiler flange. Not only does this reduce potential failure points, but it also provides more powerful and dry steam. This also allows us to mount the steam wand valve directly into the manifold which is secured directly to the main chassis.

While this did require changes to the top plate and boiler flange, this allows us to close out what was originally intended to be a small detailed design task. This new design will also allow us to sell a blockoff plate for those who wish to remove the steam wand. We will not offer the Argos without a steam wand since we already have too many configurations to keep up with but we will eventually get this block off plate added to the store for customers to purchase and install with detailed instructions that we will provide.

Without going into too much detail, this month has been spent reworking the pressure gauge/ transducer mounting to improve reliability and functionality. This design tasking has also been closed out and we'll be able to freeze the design in the coming week to place the rest of our orders.

Part drawings are in progress to capture the updated design.

I do not intend significant delays from these design updates as we will have as much as we can sent to us by air instead of sea shipping to kick off chassis build sooner. I will try to add more detail to these updates to keep people more in the loop about the status of production but I have had several people stop by the shop to pull shots on the prototype machine all with great feedback.

You can check out the updated checklist here.


Fluid level sensor and new steam switch integration testing is still being worked on. We were hoping that we could get a mechanical steam switch which would allow us to run an LED in series to be powered on when the steam switch is on.

Unfortunately, the small switches are all momentary which mean will need to reconfigure some things on the board and have the fluid level indicator tapped into the sensor circuit which is currently being tested and should be a small update to the board.
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Argos Update: August 24, 2022

Hello all! I was out of town on a business trip last week so didn't get quite as much done as I would have liked. We did sponsor a local latte art competition at Mango Tree Coffee last week which was fun to help support the local barista community.

Small progress on the shop with more shelves being built up.

Spouted portafilters are in transit with delivery set for 2 weeks from now.

Still working through packaging woes. The mis-delivered package was sent back overseas so that will need to be re-shipped which isn't a huge deal, just an inconvenience

Product photos of the final powder-coated configurations have been uploaded to the site here. Anyone with a current stainless Argos order who wishes to change to the colored option may do so by making a new purchase with the color add-on as well as any addition items that you may want. Please try to use the same name and email address so that we can group orders during assembly. If you would like to change from one color to another please email us using the Contact link at the bottom of the website.

Note: The above only applies to people with existing orders. Those of you who are placing a new order can view the photos and select a color from the Argos item configurations.

User manual is still in works with new graphics recently sent over to the designer.

Unfortunately no timeline updates yet but hopefully soon. I've been swamped to just trying to stay on top of everything.

More details have just been added to the launch checklist which we're still chipping away at. You can check out the updated list here.


We're still getting quotes and placing orders for the remaining parts. There's a lot of small hardware bits to keep track of and get on order.

We're working on processes for keeping track of inventory, build, and QA.


No updates here.