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James Hoffmann has a new video about the (failed) ZPM espresso machine project. The first thing that came to my mind when he talked about pricing was the very attractive pricing Ross Ainsworth set for the Argos Odyssey. I hope he did the math better than the ZPM guys.

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Decent also set a target price that turned out to be about half of what they eventually charged when they were released.
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Jeff wrote:For brew pressure, there is a manual gauge, wireless gauge, and (for those that order both) a wye adapter also available as accessories.

I looked all over, I just don't see where the 'WYE' adapter is located to order in the accessories option.

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My understanding is that the wye adapter is not available as a standalone accessory, but is included when you order both the bluetooth transducer and the analog gauge.
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If both the pressure gauge and transducer are purchased, a "Y" adapter will be included to mount both items together. For this situation, the gauge will be vertical and visible from the front of the machine and the transducer will be mounted angled behind the gauge. The transducer adapter and Y adapter are being manufactured and will be shown in photos soon.
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For those not signed up, we got a new update from Ross. FYI I placed a pre-order a few days ago, order #754 FWIW

"July 12, 2022
Argos Update: July 12, 2022
Hello all! I have done a horrible job with updates over the past month but I assure you that significant progress is still being made. We have finished hiring all of our Assembly Technicians/ Manager for this initial run of parts and plan to hire more in the future to keep up with demand.

We decided to do a quick last minute trip to World of Coffee Milan. This was a fun experience where we had a small booth with the powdercoated units on display. It was a great opportunity to connect with other lever machine manufacturers as well as suppliers for Italian made products.

While hardware is being finalized and procured, I am working on figuring out the best way to keep track of assembly and quality control tracking for when we start assembly. This will allow us to track which technician has performed each assembly task for each machine in the event of any defects or malfunctions.


When sourcing on/ off switches we made a significant change from 2 toggle switches to a single on/off rocker switch next to the plug and a custom temperature knob with an integrated push switch into the knob. We like this design as it cleans up the back of the machine while integrating all temperature related control on a single knob. Users will be able to set the brew temperature from 85C-95C then push the knob in to turn up steam temp which will be indicated by a 3rd LED on the top.

Previously exposed screws on the top of the machine have now been moved to mount the boiler to the top plate from the underside. This will clean up the overall look.

Powdercoated parts have arrived and were on display at World of Coffee Milan. We are working on getting product photos for those options to add to the site. Anyone interested in changing from a stainless steel finish to the black or while color will be able to purchase the "Machine Color Add-On" from the site. This will go live when the photos are released and on the site as well, ideally by next week.

An additional person has been brought on temporarily to help finish up drawings for production."

They update the launch checklist as well, seems like they ticked off quite a few items which is great to see! Fingers crossed they may actually hit their late summer delivery target.

I really like the change to incorporate the steam switch into the temp knob, both for aesthetic reasons (2 switches right next to each other is a bit unrefined) and functional. Since the temp knob is on the side it's within easy reach as opposed to the back of the machine. I'm a 50/50 guy when it comes to straight espresso and milk drinks so I'll be hitting that steam switch pretty often.

Now all I want is to see a video of a weighed shot showing the maximum liquid weight this machine can put out. All the test shots on IG seem short to me, in the ~25-30g range. Anyone else have this concern?

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I hope Ross pulls it off but I've become skeptical. The cash is better in my pocket than his so I requested a refund. Good luck to all.


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I'm glad I didn't wait and got a Flair 58. By the time (if) this ships I'll be a much more competent barista.

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Just as a friendly reminder, providing new and relevant information helps keep discussions productive

We're fortunate that most people don't "me too" announce every product that they decided not to buy.


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From discord, copy-paste:

Ross said:(2021)
I normally do 18g in and get about 45g out. If I hold the lever down longer I can get up to ~55g out since I sized the swept piston volume for 60g but really depends on how long you wait for the GH to fill.