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Cuprajake wrote:

the nurri works in a very different way to my evo in terms of shot, but it will show the spring profile of the group atleast
It's not clear from the video where he managed to attach thr dongle to the nurri so as to capture the profile of the shot. Do u happen to know how he managed to hook up his sensors to the machine?
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guiny (original poster)

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Thanks. That really clarifies the difference between the two machines.


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never mind

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Dropping links without commentary doesn't help the discussion, even more so when it is not an open site. If you have something to say that is relevant to the discussion, I'd rather you post it here.


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he asked for how they fitted the sensor

thats the pic,


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Early La Pavoni looks like a piece of art and looks great in the kitchen. A pump machine looks ugly.


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Eye of the beholder, as always. IMO the E61 machines are hideous; they look like a plumber's mistake or something. But the folks who love 'em love 'em. As for levers, some do look OK. But they sure do take up vertical space, and often horizontal space too.

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This may apply to commercial and prosumer levers (though I disagree) but certainly not to the little domestic ones also mentioned in this thread and which some here have complained outperform their bigger siblings. To me ,the added benefit of the little, domestic levers is their energy efficiency; something not to be scoffed at in this climate change era. They don't need long warm ups, nor to be left on all day; which means they use hardly more energy than even a totally manual lever like the Robot.
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Do you mostly use darker roasts with your Ponte Vecchio or can it manage medium/light too?


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My Evo is warm for use in 15mins

Think the nurri is too.