Are Brasilia Commercial Levers going to be unmaintainable?

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Postby zubinpatrick » Nov 08, 2018, 4:12 pm

Last time I bought parts, a few years ago, there were still plenty of vendors selling seals etc, this time round there are very few, and my local parts suppliers have next to nothing and are informed that as Brasilia is bankrupt/gone there will be no parts anymore (since they folded in 2012 I guess the locals are finally up to speed). Since supplies were still good in 2015 I erroneously thought aftermarket support was in place, seems it was just supplies while they lasted. I have a brilliant 2group Brasilia Lever, it is hard to fathom that maintaining this 30 year old machine will prove to be harder than maintaining even older machines. I found silicone piston v seals from an eBay seller in Hong Kong that may be good (I'll wait for a review as mine are still going strong) but a recent search for a shower screen was pretty frustrating. Kind of a bummer, one of the reasons I like lever machines is ease of service and simplicity, after the great espresso of course.
I'm posting this here as the repairs forum seems to diverse for this question.
I am also interested in how much interchangeability there is between the Astoria spring Lever and the Brasilia?

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Postby dominico » Nov 09, 2018, 12:50 am

I could be wrong but I thought the piston seals, group gaskets, and shower screen were general enough parts that you could use the same ones on multiple brands of lever groups.

The Brasilia shower screen I found looks to be the same one that fits my Faema lever groups: ... group.html
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Postby zubinpatrick » Nov 09, 2018, 10:18 am

I think you may be right with some exceptions. My parts guy was super unhelpful last time I went in, other times he has gone the extra mile to make things work. It is a situation I'm familiar with in Montreal (something to do with sitting behind a parts counter for year after year)....anyhoo trying to work out what is and isn't interchangeable before going there again as it was uselessness last time.
Anyone who has first hand knowledge of what Astoria Lever parts/seals etc for on the Brasilia head , or who can even positivily break down what the CMA/Brasilia/Astoria differences are I'm all ears.

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Postby Balthazar_B » Nov 09, 2018, 11:12 am

Patrick, have you reached out to Paul Pratt at Cafelat and/or Doug Garrott at Orphan Espresso? They may have some helpful advice on successfully maintaining your Brasilia in perpetuity.
- John

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