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#1: Post by Eastsideloco »

Saw this coffee maker on my Instagram feed this morning. I may be missing something, but didn't see an existing thread on HB. Thought some folks here might find this interesting:

Image ... 10182.html

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#2: Post by drgary »

They claim that their use of a screw mechanism instead of a lever is original. I believe the first patent for making the espresso we know today was for a screw mechanism. Later a spring lever mechanism was patented and led to the first golden era espresso machines of Gaggia and Faema.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!


#3: Post by Javier »

A quick glimpse of it, and it reminds me of the Portaspresso.

EDIT to say - I wish them the best of luck. Their product is actually very nice. And that Brazilian wood looks amazing.
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#4: Post by Carneiro »

It's Brazilian!

I have some friends that got it but I didn't have the chance to use it yet. Everybody here seems to be happy with theirs.



#5: Post by Javier »

Carneiro wrote:It's Brazilian! I have some friends that got it but I didn't have the chance to use it yet. Everybody here seems to be happy with theirs.
Oi, tudo bom! Great to read this, Marcio. Hopefully you will get a chance to use one soon!!!
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#6: Post by vit »

I'm not sure how to preheat almost 1 kg device ...

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#7: Post by samuellaw178 »

Nice looking device with the wood and stainless steel! Wish them the best of luck too, seems like a passionately made device.

It resembles the original Portaspresso HC a lot, but the distinction is there's a valve that opens when you screw the handle counter clockwise. So there's no need to invert the device like the Portaspresso.

The trade off is too much screwing around though :lol:
The recommended procedure to use the Aram Coffee Maker is rather simple to follow. Crank(aka screw) the handle clockwise, all the way to the bottom, fill up the reservoir with hot water and leave it some seconds for the coffeemaker to absorb the heat. One twist(screw) in the counterclockwise direction will release the water that is inside the coffeemaker. Once it's empty, screw it back to the previous position. Place the ground coffee in the portafilter, compact it with the tamper and insert the portafilter. Fill it up with water again, and start screwing counterclockwise, immediately—that is the pre-infusion phase. Once you can't go any further up, start screwing right back to the bottom, that is, in the clockwise direction. Then you will feel the pressure increase as you go further down—the screw speed is directly proportional to the pressure you are exerting with water onto the coffee.

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#8: Post by Carneiro »

vit wrote:I'm not sure how to preheat almost 1 kg device ...
The specific heat of SS is around 10% of water. Around 2 x 100ml boiling water should do the work. Maybe 3...

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#9: Post by sweaner »

Are we sure that it is not a...

...pepper grinder? :lol:

p.s. Dan, don't read this post!

EDIT: Just watched the video. Nice looking device!
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#10: Post by andresfranco »

I just saw this new article about the Aram (looks great!) and am interested in getting one. ... tractions/

I like the idea of having a machine that is made entirely of stainless steel, steel and wood, but have a question: how hard would it be to get it to reach and keep higher temperatures (for lighter roasts)? I have used a brass Portaspresso before and like its thermal stability.


Andrés Franco

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