Any levers in the St Louis metro?

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Hi all,

I'm contemplating a spring lever for my next machine, largely due to the comments of "smoothness" in the cup. However, I've never tried espresso from a lever.

Does anyone know if there are any espresso shops in the St Louis area that use levers? Thanks!


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That would be nice to know. We get down there every month or so and have tried different shops. We like Sump coffee but they don't have levers. People around this area may not take them seriously and think of the Italian dark roast. That would be nice though!
I had a Londinium R and spring levers are nice. I am wanting a more simplified lever actually. I can't afford a Bosco Sorrento...
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Just post on the Cafe part of forum and you can do a get together with other lever guys.


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I'd be checking out some places around "The Hill" to see if anyone has a traditional spring lever machine they are serving shots from. When we used to visit, there were some fantastic Italian restaurants in the area. That has been many years ago so things have likely changed a lot. Perhaps one of the locals there could give you a hint where to look. If you could find a place using a Bosco it would be golden and you could find out what all the talk is about. Is the Bosco perfect? Probably not, but it and a good grinder are the two best purchases I have made in my espresso journey. My first shot from a spring lever machine was at a little shop in Cicero, IL some years back and it got my undivided attention. That is the shot that got me stated into the rabbit hole of espresso, three machines and 4 grinders later I am a happy man.
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Bosco doesn't have a rep in the middle of the country. I believe their 4 reps are Dallas, FLA and Washington. Unlikely you will find one in St.Louis for that reason.

You might find an Astoria or Victoria Arduino Athena Leva. I would contact Astoria USA and Nuovo Simonelli USA. Tell them your interested in buying a machine and ask to talk to their sales rep. They should be able to tell you if any were sold in MO.

I use a 3gr Athena Leva at my bar in PA. Wouldn't consider anything else.

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Check Sprudge to see if they have a St. Lou City guide.

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I've never seen a lever in Saint Louis and I live there. None of the good shops use them, and the only coffee shop on the "hill" is horrendous.

I've only had lever coffee in Dallas from a shop.


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Good to hear from a "local". As I mentioned, I haven't been there in years. It is sad that there is not good espresso available in an area that had such fine Italian restaurants. Of course what is often now considered good is not what was traditional dark espresso. Tastes have evolved.
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I know this isn't St. Louis but Fretboard coffee truck in Colombia, MO has/had a lever.


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I am not from the area but technique in video is interesting could just be video nerves. Make sure he is dialed in before pulling a shot for you.