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bettysnephew wrote:Good to hear from a "local". As I mentioned, I haven't been there in years. It is sad that there is not good espresso available in an area that had such fine Italian restaurants. Of course what is often now considered good is not what was traditional dark espresso. Tastes have evolved.
The coffee place on the hill is in a bombshell location, they roast their own, but they don't seem to be "into" coffee. I remember asking them for a bean recommendation to take home to use for pourover and the barista gave me this hollow blank stare like I was speaking greek.

St. Louis has some great cafes, don't get me wrong, just not any I know of using a lever.


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Thanks for the comments everyone. The Sprudge recommendation was great -- never heard of them. I travel frequently for work and plan to use that as a resource!


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Found a place with a lever, and I remembered this thread so I had to share :)
The coffee they make isn't great IMO though.
They need some training ;)

Here it is: AO&Co. Market
1641 Tower Grove Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110, USA
+1 314-899-0991

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Train them in :mrgreen:


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truemagellen wrote:Train them in :mrgreen:
I think I'm going to suggest that to them 8)