Another Conti Thread Fitment Mystery

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All Credit due to "jedovaty" for the below photo...

I am attempting to set up my Conti Prestina with a vacuum breaker exactly like this (pictured below). I ordered a 3/8 BSP Tee Fitting, and thought id be on my way. However, it will not screw into the original Conti fitting that holds the manometer. It HAS to be BSP as all safety valves are BSP, and I don't know what else it could be if its not 3/8.... It continues to amaze me how many tasks I thought would be so easy, end up being so difficult, and vice versa with this restoration :) . Has anyone else ran into this problem with this particular project?



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I had a pristina that had a bad pressure gauge - I tried a gauge with BSP which did not fit. I took it to cafeparts to try to find a compatible pressure gauge and found it was actually metric threads - truly bizarre.


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Tillamook wrote:All Credit due to "jedovaty" for the below photo...
Not much to contribute, just a correction: Julius "CIV" is the one who posted that to my inquiry in 2021, he should get the credit of finding it. Mine's the one with the green silicone pb cup mold as the catch tray in that thread :)

I'll be watching this carefully, as I had to use a lot of teflon tape and am planning to redo this with a mater p-stat in a couple months when I return from travel.