Announced: Argos lever espresso machine by Odyssey Espresso

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Met up with Ross last week here in CO and got a chance to pull a couple shots with one of his units. He mentioned after CNY concludes he should be able to get enough parts shipped over to build up a few machines for sending out to reviewers. Having had an opportunity to meet with Ross on several occasions starting as far back as summer of 2020 when he had his first proof of concept CNC'd at his place of employment to pulling shots on several occasions with the couple of the prototypes he's built up since, I have full confidence he'll see this through in the next several months barring any more unforeseen setbacks.

As other backers of this project have echoed, I'm in no hurry to have my order fulfilled and would prefer he takes the time he needs for a product he's proud to deliver.

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Thanks for that pic. Very interesting to see how the porta-filter locks on. Very different than my Cimbali lever.

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Based on what I've read, prototyping has concluded and the Argos is heading towards production, so I've split the multi-year prototype discussion to this thread. For a quick background on the Argos, see CoffeeGeek's interview with Ross Ainsworth.

According to the Odyssey Espresso, they're accepting pre-orders with estimated shipping in April.

Credit photo to Odyssey Espresso

The ordering includes options of power 120V/240V, manual or spring at 6 bar or 8 bar, steam wand location left/right, and wood accent black walnut or white ash. Below is a video of the prototype spring lever version:
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Is there something dripping from the back of the machine in this video

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being impatient to see the temperature stability from shot to shot pulling

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I believe the dripping video is years old and therefore is not relevant as far as drips.

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michael wrote:Is there something dripping from the back of the machine in this video
Yes, but every machine comes with that blue ShamWow wedged in under the steam-valve drip, so it's okay. :lol:

Seriously, though... That's a gorgeous little kitchen spring-lever machine.

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Ah_J wrote: being impatient to see the temperature stability from shot to shot pulling
Measurements done and diagrams published earlier in this thread. Can be changed with changes in the PID. And will definitely change if the machine gets plumbed in.
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Ross published this on FB yesterday so I presume it is in public domain.
Not his bench so it would appear that Beta testing has commenced.
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Good lord that's hot