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Second day now and about 4 pulls from the Cremina. The other lubes got thick by now. The movement with the Cremina's lever is still light and smooth with the Dow 111 even with a cold machine. So far so good.
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i own a food mfg company and use a FDA rated H1 lubricant (this is the most safe type that comes into contact with edible items) that is good for high temp use. We run high pressure food substances at around 220 F and this grease won't budge. Even running it through a sanitizing dishwasher that goes up to 205F and a pressure of 150 psi won't wash it away. An H1 grease is designed to come into contact with food and leave no odor or flavor, let alone dissolve into the food. There are several brands that come in tubes but one good product is by Mobile: ... ?Print=yes