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Love the great advice on this forum. I just purchased a Profitec pro 800 lever machine, I have been using the Pro 700 dual boiler machine for years with good success.

1) Just curious if anyone has advice on the best temperature setting? At 255 F. the machine has better steam performance but not sure if this is too hot for my shots? Has anyone found an optimal temp setting for this machine?

2) Pre-infusion time: I'm experimenting with the time for pre-infusion with limited success but how found that less is more so far with a medium dark roast. The shots are getting better but still room for improvement.

3) Timing: Do you still pay attention to the timing of the shots? So far I'm finding they taste better when I'm closer to 25-30 seconds post the pre-infusion stage using a 1:2 ratio (18 gm/36 gm) but not sure if I should be paying attention to this as well or just focus on the other variables and obviously on the taste?

Any advice/tips to help me waste less coffee would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


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Welcome to the lever side.
The 800 looks like a great machine.

csadler2 (original poster)

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Thanks, I feel like I'm starting over, learning the nuances of a new technique.


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You increased the temperature of the boiler from the factory setting. That is OK, but did it improve the taste for you? That is the only guide for temperature. If it didn't improve the taste, try dialing the temperature down to 252 or there abouts. Did you add a temperature strip to the brew head. The machine heats up slowly and the brew head temperature is critical. This needs to be stable before you play with the other variables. Regarding time for pre-infusion and extraction, that, again is taste dependent. It isn't uncommon for many of us with lever machines to go for a longer extraction time. Grinding finer will lengthen the extraction time. Extracting for forty to 50 seconds isn't unusual. For a dark roast or medium dark roast, probably 5 -10 seconds of pre-infusion should be sufficient. The ratio of beans to extraction you used with your prior machine should also be evaluated also the weight of beans (using less beans but grinding finer is one of the options). Lever machines have a different taste profile and you may find a ratio of 1: 1.5 is sweeter. Yes, there is a huge set of variables to work thru.

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Welcome to the 800 club. :D I'm newer to this myself (coming from a fully automatic).
- I have my temperature setting at 251 F and I'm at sea level. (that is what the wonderful people at Clive suggested and assisted with the factory resetting) -
- I mainly drink whole milk lattes closer to a 3:1 ratio. 18g in/57 out. (Confession- I don't usually pull the cup before the shot ends- maybe I should but it all tastes delicious and I hate to waste it).
- pre- not much maybe 5 seconds and I use a medium to lighter roast coffee (Ragamuffin Dawn Patrol or a Saint Frank my main two favorites)
- I do find shots 25-35 seconds long the sweet spot -


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I went from a Bianca to an 800 - have found that the variable that I use most is grind size based on the bean - typically do a 8-10 second pre infusion and keep temp at factory settings - I have the machine on a timer which powers on ~ 1 hr before the morning brew and then if I am going to be using it in the afternoon turn it on at about 1 -it seems to get too hot if I leave it on for more than 3hrs. I did replace the screen and I use a 21-22 gram basket for a 18 gram dose which gives a nice dry puck. For the type of beans I like (Medium roast) don't think I will ever need to upgrade from a performance standpoint but can see restoring an old lever some day!
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Thanks, those suggestions are really helpful as I wasn't sure what to try next, I have drinkable shots but not anywhere near what I read others are getting,
Appreciate it!


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Thanks, I may try the bigger basket to see if that helps and play with the grind more, great suggestions.

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I did back the temp down to 252 F, just need to experiment a bit more with the grind and brew ratio to see if I can find the sweet spot for this coffee.


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How did the taste change with the reduction in temperature?
Did it improve? Is it bitter or sour?
Darker roasts do better with slightly lower temperatures. If the taste improved, consider taking it down to 249 and see if it improves further. Once you know the best tasting temperature, then move on to another variable. My suggestion would be to then work on extraction ratio. Take the cup out sooner and see if the taste improves. Which weight of extraction taste best 18 grams, 22 grams, 28 grams, etc. (I assume you are using a scale to measure output)?