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Anyone received one of these lately?

Curious to know if the frame still flex's, grouphead still leaks.

Was the curvature of the bottom of the frame already corrected?

Thanks anyone who can advise


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buckersss wrote: Curious to know if the grouphead still leaks.
I think the piston seal has been replaced by a superieur quality. I replaced the first version with a Viton one from Nuova Ricambi. Never had the issue again.

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Thank you both very much


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Not to start the controversy again, but it seems that some people who consider the ACS Evo also consider the Nurri Leva. The Nurri is represented in Canada by IdrinkCoffee ... zebra-wood

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In Canada, the two are not in the same market segment:

ACS Evo Leva: $3400 USD - $500 less than a Linea Micra
Nurri Leva: $5900 USD - same price as a Linea Mini
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Yep. In other markets where they are priced closer I gotta imagine it's an easy choice.


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Hi @Nelisb, are you still using that Germany bought 8 bar spring?

How easy was it to replace the main spring in Evo?

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Jw01 wrote:Two totally different machines

Infant the similarities begins and ends at the group after that there not even close.
They seem like very similar machines. Especially given what I read the upgrades available are for the ACS machine.

The ACS seems less polished the more I look. Appreciate that what I'm looking at could have changed. But details are important. I love the little graphics of the pid menu. Then watching a video it's clear that the font changes from one menu to the next. That would drive me absolutely bonkers. Everyday I'd feel my skin crawl knowing such an easy detail was overlooked.