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espressotime wrote:So this could even be used in the livingroom with no waterline connection?
Sure, I have no water connection at this point.


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im wondering if it was more temp related than pressure related?

as it was a direct outside water feed my tap water would be only a couple of degree's vs that of an in home container, presumably room temp?


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So that the incoming water would cool down the brew boiler too much? Could be the case....


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I'm strongly leaning towards this as my next machine. Ticks many boxes with precise temperature control, quick heat-up time, sturdy construction. Would be handy with a pressure release button to end the shot instantly like in the Vostok/Nurri, but I'm already on a stretched budget. And it's not a killer feature for me.

The official website must be among the most cryptic I've ever seen though. For you owners, any gotchas you were surprised about when you received the machine? How has your maintenance and repair experience been, especially those of you owning the machine for a longer time?


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If you hold on, I believe the Vostok features are coming to the Evo, it's getting a rotary pump too

Email them is the best bet, I've said before their pr side needs work, it's not as polished as their machines, which now Inc internal polished steel :lol:


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Cuprajake wrote:If you hold on, I believe the Vostok features are coming to the Evo, it's getting a rotary pump too
That's exciting news, that would cement my decision even further. I've emailed them and asked about it. Do you find the current pump too loud?

Come to think of it though, wouldn't a release valve on the group head mean you would have to do backflushing? So a bit more maintenance on the new version?


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Eventually perhaps. I took a Vostok prototype with pressure release after a show where it had done 100s of shots, it was pretty clean. In fairness though in the areas you can't see....the group double chamber and vent system occasional backflushing will be helpful. I'll come up with a procedure on Video when I get mine.


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Yeah back flush would be needed