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RueFondary wrote:54.4mm tampers from the likes of Torr or IMS do work well with the stock Evo baskets (and this size also works decently with IMS baskets, although for a tight fit with these, a 54.7 to possibly 54.9 will work better).
I have a 54.9 mm base and I use IMS baskets. Perfect.


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My machine arrived late yesterday. It looks beautiful in all black (I had to take off right and rear sides to install legs). I immediately took out the group head to remove factory lube which smells bad according to my fellow Leva owners from my country. Then I saw rust on the piston! I took out the shower screen and here're some pictures of its rusty nasty looking ***

My fellow 2 Saudi owners are looking for a manufacturer to supply a stainless steel shower screen retainer (it's the reason for all the rusting issues). Will update when we find a solution to this.
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I think this might be what I ordered before for the Izzo Leva but check the measurements.


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Ad, IMS make a shower screen which fits - Part No. SML200IM. supply a stainless retainer. No rusting issues, though I had none with the IMS screen and standard black retainer(looked like high tensile black but I don't know).

I amazed they didn't notice or care at ACS about the rust. It's not like it was made a year ago and sitting on the shelf. Or maybe they don't touch the grouphead?

Jason I think from memory the circlip has the holes for the pliers inside the circlip, not outside as you posted.
More like this - - Happy to be corrected


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|I am UK based and this is the clips that a few of us have bought
The screen might have shown no signs of rusting whilst at the factory as they are built, tested and shipped out. I understand the frustration, but within the grand scheme of things, it needs sorted but is relatively minor


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Thanks @Lucky Mark. sold me the wrong shower screen. I bought 2 from them one for me and the other for my friend @codes123 who has the Leva & Lagom p100. I just found out that only mine was the wrong shower screen!! I'll never buy from them again and just placed an order on the espresso shop UK. We bought the ones @daveyb posted on Ebay and they rusted too. @Abdulaziz might've stumbled on something that could work and costs nothing at first. Will have to wait and see his results first and I agree that LSM should've done it properly like LA MARZOCCO with their LEVA X. It's not ACS's fault but they could've done something about it too.
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Ad, I know ACS have had a lot of changes in the head for them, maybe they specified a slightly different circlip? Just to be clear, my original black LSM circlip never rusted after 6 months. I only changed to stainless as I was changing the shower screen. I think any stainless circlip with internal adjustment of the right size should work for you.

Assuming they dry the machine before shipping and Daveyb description of the production process seems accurate, it is bad luck to have it rust in the few days between shipping and arrival. As Daveyb says, easily fixed, a few parts and it will be like a new one.

Edit: Just measured the supplied circlip, it is 53mm expanded, so Jason's link to a 50mm circlip (53 expanded) is correct, just with internal adjustment.


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Hi fellow ACS Leva owners. We used the one spouted portafilter basket's circlip and it worked well.
I used the following temp settings: boiler 93.5, group 83 and steam 125 (2 tip). Espressos been sweet and enjoyable as well as milk drinks. Less mouthfeel than my CT2 but more sweetness. I had a frustrating first 2 days but things got better on the third day ( I switched to better beans! I actually think that the MAX SLM/ ACS Leva combo will showcase any roasting defects). The most enjoyable thing was looking at the all black Leva next to the all black Max (who knew that coordinating colors will make me feel more happy lol). I wish adjusting the pre infusion was from the screen instead of using a screwdriver but I intend on keeping the factory settings of 2bars. Lots of variables on this machine and I try to limit them. All in all, I'm liking what I'm getting from this machine and every time I think of a downside it shushes me with tasty shots! Oh and the V-handle is really worth it! Feels good to pull the lever with this handle.
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Hey Mark!
I just ordered a stainless original LSM circlip. I hope it'll work too. For now I like the solution @Abdulaziz came up with which using the inside circlip of the one spouted portafilter that came with the machine. Another solution I was thinking of is buying the La Marzocco Leva's circlip (assuming that its stainless and could be modified). I have a private Telegram group called "LeverHeads" which has some ACS Leva owners, DM me if you'd like to join.
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Hi Ad, thanks for the offer I have an Alex Leva not a ACS but probably get my fill of coffee info here.

You will be very happy with the LSM circlip, neither my black or stainless LSM circlips have rust.

I am sure DaveC, the originator of the ACS Evo Leva or the Sistematic Kid (who started this thread and is Davec's fellow moderator on another coffee forum) will feed this information back to ACS and it will be corrected in future versions.