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macaber8 wrote:Thank you! I thought there is a button to stop the shoot like E61 machine. I will just push my cup away. Can't believe I didnt think of that.
I used a cleaned up plastic takeaway box to swap with the cup in the same way Jake is using the nice porcelain receptacle in his video to contain the remaining flow so as not to dirty up the drip tray.

The feature to vent the grouphead in order to end the shot is available in the nurri leva by way of paddle operation and in the upcoming.vostok which is the evo's big brother by qay of button operarion.
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Evo is getting the same features too. ... 1905142974

Sold out though

I believe it's the same a tea leaf holder

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DaveC wrote:I am on the ACS stand apparently the tamper they provide as a standard fits perfectly. We are having an Italian argument over which tamper you have.
I am holding a tamper which I believe it fits perfectly, they tell me they supply with the machine, but I'm thinking that they're actually supplying a different tamper which doesn't fit very well. Would you please post a photo of your Tamper on this forum so I can have a look at it and show the Italians. I can then get confirmation of what tamper they are actually shipping with the machine. The tamper they tell me has been shipping for months fits really well and you wouldn't want it any tighter.
Here is what I found:

First, a picture of the tamper included in the Vesuvius:

This is how it measured 54.22mm:

Following is a custom machined tamper, measured at 54.71mm

Note: This tamper does not fit well in my IMS B662TH26M basket, and does not fit at all in Vesuvius's out of the box (OOTB) basket.

Following is the OOTB basket from Vesuvius:
I measured at 3 levels:
Deepest: 54.73mm

Middle: 54.58mm

Top: 54.55mm

So basically, the OOTB basket is smaller at the opening of the basket. The deeper into the basket, the smaller the diameter is. This is very confusing. Why would we want that? For the OOTB basket, I think Laube actually offers the best tamper: ... sm-baskets

Here is IMS B662TH26M basket, measured at 55.08mm.

The tamper and distributer offered at Escherlabs has to be the best option for the IMS basket. ... lsm-custom

The Bravo tamper is always said to be 54.7mm. For instance: ... dle-54-7mm
I am not sure what is the point of getting 54.7mm tamper for Vesuvius.

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NelisB wrote:The bravo tamper is available with a 54.9 base. That fits perfectly.
Where did you get this base?

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Cuprajake wrote:Evo is getting the same features too. ... 1905142974

Sold out though

I believe it's the same a tea leaf holder
The coffee trays were inspired by tea leaf holders, but are shaped differently.

James Hoffmann was selling them individually, but the two trays are available as a set from Loveramics in white or blue. The price has been reduced, and it looks like stock is limited: ... 4348648537
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Cuprajake wrote:Evo is getting the same features too. ... 1905142974

Sold out though

I believe it's the same a tea leaf holder
Thats very nice. How much was its price?
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Hi Jake.
I remember talking to you about the force but can't remember the details.
IIRC you said the raised rim was too wide to fit in the top of the basket.
Is that right or are they both too small?
Could a 58.5 be machined down to fit given access to lathes etc?


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not enough on the lip to turn it down, this was on ims and stock evo basket


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Forgive me if I am getting this wrong but that looks like the lower disc is too big to fit in the basket.
Once that was machined down then there appears to be enough width for the upper positioning disc.
That might have to be adjusted.


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Sorry. I slowed it right down.
I see that the lower tamping disc fits inside the basket but the positioning lip on the top one interferes with the top of the basket.
It might be better to machine down a 58mm one.